Monday, 1 October 2007

Markham Fair - Part 2

The Town of Markham, just north of Toronto, was essentially a rural farming community since it was first settled by pioneers from Britain and Europe, but in the last twenty years it has developed into a thriving urban centre, with most of it's new immigrant population from China and other parts of Asia.

However, Markham Fair still displays it's rural roots every September, and I hope it will keep the tradition for many years to come. Without farmers, we wouldn't have anything to eat.

First prize feed corn... a bit tough for us, but the cows love it.

The old tradition of a wheatsheaf.

First prize mixed veggie tray.

And did you know there was such a thing as Pink Banana Squash?

No Fall Fair would be complete without the giant vegetable class. This 5lb potato could feed my family for a week!

Scroll down for Markham Fair - Part 1, the farm animals.


  1. Beautiful pix of autumn's bounty! My Grandmother used to rehydrate dried corn and serve it in real cream and butter! It was a different, but oh so good taste...

  2. I've never seen feed corn entered for a prize!

  3. All this reminds me of the 4-H Fair when I was growing up in Michigan, Ex-S. My sisters and I entered our embroidery pieces, while our school friends entered their prize cows or what have you. I don't remember the food, other than jams that were made, but I'm sure they were there.

    When we take Nicholas to the fair here on Friday, it'll be mostly about carnival-type rides. Uncle Mark will go with us so that he can accompany Nicholas on the rides that are too much for us old folks.

    But, there is a place that has animals, so we'll go and take pics, I'm sure. :)

  4. Oh my. I saw these displays here at our own Darke County Fair this August. Lots of things looked a lot better there than anything we grew this year owing to the three-month drought. Tomatoes like golf balls that usually are as big as soft balls.

    My dad was born in 1878 and like your said, there was no modern conveniences at that time and it was not too long after the Civil War. THings were rough for them but of course they didn't know any better or what was off int he future.

    Thanks for your visits.

  5. These are great pictures and the produch dose look well. I loved the mixed veg.

  6. I love fairs and all they stand for. Where would we be without the dedicated farmers? Great shots of the veggies and wheat.

  7. In California the LA county fair is all about carnival rides....the produce, flowers and animals are last on the list. In Idaho we have a real fair....same things you have wonderful pix of. I love the fair and the Rodeo on the last night. s for the wedding....better get sewing and fast!!!

  8. Odd looking potato. Love the fall vegetable displays in the photos. Autumn is really here except it is humid here in NYC. Yuck!

  9. Reminds me of our wedding at Harvest festival time and a turnip rolled off of the window ledge and hit my uncle on the head as we were half way thought the service!

    I hope your English guests have a good time!

  10. Interesting images....I loved the animal pics too!

  11. I love fairs too, and your's looks brilliant!
    Also love that photo of an alpaca. They are cousins to llamas, don't you know!
    Pink Banana Squash?

    Surely you could go sailing on Lake Ontario? Go on, try it!

  12. This is what I enjoy at fairs. Seeing all the wonders produced by the farmers thrills me.

    I like seeing the animals too though I always quake just a little knowing what their fates are.

    Funny, the veggies have the same fates but that doesn't bother me.


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