Monday, 7 March 2011

On The Table #4

It was a Girls Night Out.... My friend G and her two sisters S and N who were visiting for the weekend, my friend C who had left her husband looking after her three little ones for a rare evening out, and me.... so we ordered wings and fries and G provided the salad and the wine.

We pigged out on all the things we should never eat. And we loved it!
Wing flavours were honey garlic, thai, BBQ garlic, gar-par, accompanied by gar-par fries and sweet potato fries.... truly an overdose of garlic fumes filled the house by the end of the evening. I pitied C's husband the next morning.

And then we rounded the evening out with a cutthroat friendly game of Aggravation.
Believe me, those women are brutal when they really want to win!


  1. I think I can smell the food from here and it makes me hungry ! and also thirsty when I see that bottle of Wild Vines – what type is that ? That reminds me that I have to marinade my chicken pieces. A friendly restaurateur on Maui gave me an Hawaiian marinade recipe and it is very good but I need to add more garlic !

  2. Gar-Par? Which I discovered is deep fried wings coated with garlic and parmesan!

    Surely, my education has spared my palate!

  3. It sounds and looks yummy!

  4. Not much beats a good, girl's get together.
    I imagine there was much laughter, and good fun..!

  5. Mmmmmmmm. I'm about an hour away from dinner right now, and those wings look damn good.

  6. Good to see that ther was no Coke on the table! You were obviously in civilized company! :-)

  7. Sounds like fun is being had all around. Never played that game, so will have to look into it!!

  8. I love ckn wings! But even I, the queen of indulgences, only splurge on them now and then. You're giving me the excuse to get some girlfriends together and doing the same!I
    I'm in Atlanta for the weekend. I've been completely overindulging in the tasty southern food they have here. The best fried chicken and BBQ pulled pork you can imagine. Oh my! Back to SF tonight and hit the streets and walk several miles a day. And eat veggies only for a whole week.

  9. Nothing like a great evening out, Sham. It sounds so fun...something I haven't done in eons, without my Honey, that is. But now you're talking when you talk about garlic. Can't get enough of it. What's funny is that if both/all of you eat it, you never notice it at all. But you're so right...the next day at work everyone knows Astrid has had garlic the night before and lets her know they know. HA! What can I say, since I'm the cook.

  10. How fun Shammie, I love those girls nights out. The food sounds delightful too.


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