Thursday, 19 May 2011


The annual neighbourhood Variety Show is over for another year, and my involvement as Producer has come to an end. I've done the job for 3 years, and now it's time for someone else to take over the Producer's duties.
The pay is terrible. Each year I insist on getting a 10% raise but 10% of nothing is still nothing!

My sweet DIL, The Equestrienne, gave me this lovely flowering plant to mark the occasion.
Thank you, thank you, it's gorgeous!


  1. 10% of nothing is the pits, Sham. I know. But you've done your duty and you surely CAN move on. Good for you. I hope everyone has appreciated all your hard work. YAY for the DIL who honored you. GORGEOUS.

  2. Congratulations for doing the job for three years. I hope they appreciated you!

  3. The pay is always terrible at those volunteering gigs. Good thing they're usually enjoyable. Gorgeous flowers.

  4. It is beautiful flower.
    I guess time to move on, lol.
    Good luck.
    Hope you enjoy your weekend.
    Anna :)

  5. I sure can understand the need to retire from that job after all those years. No one realizes what hard work it os---I say BRAVA to you my dear...And Congratulations!
    BEAUTIFUL Blooms, by the ay....!


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