Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Happy Birthday, Queen Victoria!

Queen Victoria was born on 24 May 1819. She became Queen on the death of her uncle, King William IV, in 1837, and presided over Great Britain and it's extensive Empire until her death in 1901.

And here in Canada, we still celebrate her birthday with the first long weekend of the summer, the Victoria Day weekend, despite the fact that Good Queen Vicky has been dead and gone for 110 years. Any excuse for a day off.... thank you Queen Victoria!

Victoria Day is the traditional day in Canada for fireworks. There's no evidence that Queen Vicky had an opinion one way or another about fireworks, but we love 'em!.

After letting off some awesome fireworks in OlderSon's front yard, (TessaDog had to be shut in the bathroom to avert a doggy panic attack) we broke out the sparklers. No firework display is complete without sparklers!

It was fun for all the kids, big and small.


  1. Goodness, we don't party for her birthday and we even live in Victoria!

  2. I LOVE Sparklers....Private people aren't allowed to have them here in the States--OR Fireworks, either. You need a license, etc. here....So it has been years and yeas since I've seeen them close-up! GREAT Pics, my dear...And, A BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY, QUEEN VICTORIA!!!

  3. Love sparkles too! Looks Callum had a great fun with the sparkles. You took great photos!

    PS: Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. It's a dam, named Jurumirim Dam, near my house.

  4. What fun!We celebrated my mother-in-law's birthday, which is also May 24th. :)

  5. super cool shots of the fam with the sparklers!!

  6. Terrific shots of the sparklers. They bring back memories of my youth. Oh, how I loved "writing" my name in the sky.
    Happy Birthday Queen Victoria a few days late. I love holidays with fireworks.

  7. Fabulous sparkler pics, fact, maybe the best I've ever seen. How fun. For us in America, of course, it's July 4th, not that far away!


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