Sunday, 22 May 2011

Take Me Out to the Ball Game....

Take me out with the crowd.
Buy me some peanuts and Crackerjack....

Well, we had peanuts and beer instead of Crackerjack. It was Toronto Blue Jays vs. Tampa Bay Rays. Jays and Rays... ha ha that rhymes! The stadium roof was open, although it doesn't look like it in this photo.

It was a good game, but over far too fast, too many scoreless innings. However we saw 4 home runs (2 for us, Rivera and Arencibia, 2 for them, Upton and Shoppach). Jays win, 3 to 2! It's always good when the home team wins.

Callum was kept busy with grapes, peanuts, a giant hot dog and yellow liquorice strings. Yuk! He went home with a ball that had been used in batting practice, given to him by one of the staff.
Last time we were at a Jays game, he went home with an actual game ball caught by ACE, the Jays mascot. This was his third MLB baseball taken home from a Jays game. That's an impressive haul for someone who's only 3.


  1. When we were at the top of the CN Tower about a 100 years ago, i remember looking down at your ballpark, being fascinated with how the roof opens up. Looked like a nice place to watch a game, such a pretty part of town!

  2. Never too young or too old to be a Jays fan.
    Sounds like you had a great time!

  3. He's pretty lucky for being only 3. It looks like you had a fabulous family time and winning made it all the better.

  4. One ball a year.. that's a pretty good average.

  5. At the rate he's going, Sham, one ball a year will give him quite a collection! How fun for him...and g'ma, of course. :)

  6. glory be, but he's grown!! I can remember when we were waiting for him to arrive!!! now he's going to BB games!!

  7. What GREAT Fun! Callum is starting early on his love of Baseball...! (Take Me Out To The Ballgame"---the name of one of my dear friend Betty's movies...!) Glad your team Won!!!!


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