Sunday, 23 October 2011

On The Beach

I spent my growing up years in England living within sight of the sea and walking on the beach every day, and now I live many miles from any coast. Even though Lake Ontario is huge, and looks like the sea with only water as far as you can see, it just doesn't excite me. Where's the salty smell? Where are the sea anemones, and the crabs and the rock pools?
So I try to make an annual pilgrimage to the ocean to renew my energy. Last year it was the rocky Atlantic shores of Newfoundland.
This year it's the same Atlantic Ocean, but a little further south (and a lot warmer!) at St. Augustine Beach in Florida.

Callum had never seen anything as vast as the ocean in his 3-1/2 years on this planet, so when we walked onto the beach for the first time he just ran right into the water, chasing the sandpipers and soaking his shorts in the salty waves, much to his mum's disapproval.

A storm threatened so we did some rather rainy sightseeing in the City of St Augustine in the morning, but the sun came out after the storm so we headed to the beach armed with towels, sunscreen, sunhats, snacks and a bucket and spade.
I bought Callum a plastic boat and we found a piece of string and secured the boat to his finger so he wouldn't lose it in the waves.

He was a happy boy. Only one day at the beach wasn't quite enough, but there's always next year!


  1. I believe that both of you Callum and you were happy :)
    It`s just so as you said, all those things belonging to childhood`s strong feelings and atmospheres are giving energy in our life now.
    Wonderful photo memories to Callum.
    Greetings to you!

  2. Just wonderful! Looks that Callum and you had a great day!
    Great photos!
    Love the sea too.

  3. lucky they who get to the seashore at least once a year! Callum will remember that day all the rest of his llfe! "and my grandma tied the boat to my finger so i wouldn't lose it! and I had waterwings on, too!!"

  4. I love the sand and the sea!

    Always will!

  5. Looks to have been some nice moments! Thanks to some delayed summer days, I managed to take a bath in the Mediterranean last week (without my little plastic boat).

  6. Oh this is so delightful. You have captured pure joy in your grandson. Love the pictures and your chance to get your batteries charged.
    I guess that's the way I feel when I get back to the mountains and the smell of the pines. Never lived there beyond a two week vacation but it renews my spirit like nothing else can do.

  7. I just have to say that the shot of Callum dipping his toe in the ocean for the first time is a real prize winner.
    The composition is perfect.

  8. Your Lake Ontario sounds like my Lake Michigan. Not the same thing as the ocean, of course, but still, a good second if no salt water is around.

    Regardless, I love that you make it your mission to go to the sea at least once a year. St. Augustine is where my Amy went to college (Flagler), so I'm familiar with it. I just wish I had spent more time back then scoping it out!

  9. Yes, got to live with the smell of salt air wafting the nostrils. At the moment it's the smell of wine at the Barossa Valley.

  10. Oh how nice to get to the ocean! That always rejuvenates me too! The power and the energy of the ocean waves, the smell of salt and sea creatures and the sun (when you are lucky enough for it to come out from behind storm clouds)!

    I'm glad you had some precious time with Callum at the beach. Memories he will keep inside him for a long time.

    Love the pics - thanks for sharing.

  11. Callum no longer looks like a baby does he! Quite the little man.
    I've always loved the ocean, even if a quick dip in England resulted in near hypothermia, it was worth it!
    He maybe too young to remember the trip with Granny, but one day these lovely pictures will give hum proof he was there...

  12. As I live in an inland town I too like to go to the beach occasionally (but its only 50 minutes drive). I love the ocean too - Dave

  13. The beach is an amazing adventure for a young one. Every step has the possibility of discovery - shells, crabs (they were horseshoe crabs here, which are somewhat scary if you've never seen one before), birds, water, sand castles, new people... it's all a blast to the senses!

  14. I too grew up beside the ocean but for some reason I have always loved the lakes. Strange, eh?

  15. What a wonderful way for a little one to spend the day. I've been enjoying your vacation photos very much.


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