Friday, 14 October 2011

Photo Finish

All good things come to an end and my vacation is over. I'm at home sorting the pictures and doing the laundry. Our first stop was Kentucky...... and Kentucky is definitely Horse Country. The Equestrienne was so happy!

Wandering through the downtown Thoroughbred Park at Main and Midland Streets in Lexington, we found ourselves in the middle of a horse race.

Seven life-sized bronze statues of jockeys astride racing horses rush towards an imaginary finish line.


 These detailed bronzes are by Gwen Reardon. Gwen Reardon is the daughter of a prominent horse trainer, and became an accomplished equestrienne at an early age. Her beautiful bronzes are the product of a lifetime working with horses.

On a grassy slope behind the fountain, bronze broodmares are watching over their playful foals.  I loved all these horses, so lifelike and the details are astonishing.

 This little foal is named PROMISE, the promise of the next generation of thoroughbred racehorses.
If you'd like a bronze foal for your garden, there were ten of these limited edition foals made, and one remains for sale, a bargain at only $20,000.  Get your wallet out.... you know you want it!
In my next post, we visit a Kentucky Thouroughbred farm, and meet some of the famous stallions that are at stud there.


  1. Those Bronze Horses are BEAUTIFUL....I love the whole idea of them and it must be quite something to see them "in person"....It sounds like you had quite a wonderful trip, my dear.....

  2. Welcome back! These are great pics. I especially like the broodmare looking after the foals. The bright green grass makes a good contrast with the bronze statues.

  3. OMG...they are gorgeous.... I want one...but will have to start saving. Anything equestrian immediately gets my attention...I was brought up riding and horses were always a part of my life. My wonderful GreatGrandad was a jockey and Headlad at a racing yard in Sussex...I was lucky enough to have known him up til he passed over from this world to the next equestrian world when I was 14. So, I have loved seeing your post with these gorgeous pieces of work. Glad you had such a good holiday and look forward to reading more....regards, ann.

  4. Love the statues! Glad you had a safe trip/

  5. What amazing horse sculptures and so many. They must have cost a lot of money? Brilliant! - Dave

  6. Unbelievable! I am a lover of bronzes, especially ones that are life-size. These would put me in awe for a long time!

  7. those are really beautiful, we have driven though Kentucky but have never visited there.



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