Monday, 17 October 2011

Stud Finder!

Three Chimneys Farm at Versailles, just outside Lexington, Kentucky, has been breeding champion racehorses since 1984, although the farm has existed for almost 40 years.
The first Stallion to stand here was Champion Slew O'Gold, then followed by his famous sire, Seattle Slew, the only undefeated Triple Crown winner in the history of racing.
The barns are a luxury hotel for horses. Each stallion has his own groom, and is treated with personal hands-on attention all the time. The horses are exercised each morning and spend time outside in the fields, then are brought in to be washed, groomed and fed and generally pampered.... what a life!

This is Point Given. He was the first horse to win four $1 million races in a row, and is in the Racehorse Hall of Fame.

And this is Dynaformer. Dynaformer has sired more than 120 stakes winners, including the ill fated Barbaro. Do you remember Barbaro? Barbaro won the 2006 Kentucky Derby but shattered his leg 2 weeks later while running the Preakness. His owners went to great lengths to heal his life-threatening injury, but eventually decided that complications were too much and Barbaro was euthanized.

His trainer said that Dynaformer was the most difficult horse he ever trained, and when we visited his barn, we were told to stand well away from him as he can be very unpredictable and definitely has a mean streak. His current stud fee is $150,000.00 per live foal.
Update: the great horse Dynaformer passed away April 29, 2012 at Three Chimneys Farm in Kentucky following suffering a cardiac event 10 days earlier.


  1. In Australia we have a current Group One Champion filley who has won 14 races from its only 14 starts, including Group One events. Its name is Black Caviar -

    Black Caviar is the WTRR World Champion Sprinter for 2010.

  2. It's a fascinating world, isn't it--The World of Horse Racing....I remember Barbaro, indeed....! Poor dear horse. What a terrific trup you have had, my dear....!

  3. "TRIP"...there goes that finger again....(Sorry)....

  4. Yikes! That's a lot of money!!! What beautiful animals horses are.
    Great pics.

  5. Wow this place is cleaner and more organized than my own house, lol.
    Anna :)

  6. Makes you wonder how many studs out there, of the human variety, would/could garner such a fee. :)

  7. My sister used to breed and train horses so this was interesting. I don't know if you are aware but Windfield Farms, home of Northern Dancer is /was here in Oshawa. It was all sold off in the last few years and part of it is now a sub-division. The rest on the west side is currently under the plough, probably awaiting a building proposal. The original barns and the burial place of Northern Dancer and other famous racers are to become a park.
    BTW my Ganddads birthday was Nov4th and when I was little I thought the fireworks were for him too.

  8. I think Kentucky is a beautiful state and it sure is horse country!

  9. Theres something about these magnificent beings that is so wonderful!

    Good post.

  10. Another very interesting blog Shammickite. Wow, those horses sure are well cared for. That last one is sure worth his money! - Dave

  11. What beautiful horses! They are running arts. Those horses deserve more-than-enough care. I’m relieved to know they are not discarded after tragic accident until little hope is left.... even if the last resort is euthanasia. I wish any horse be treated with affection and respect not only when they are young and healthy but when old and ill. Horses have gentle eyes. Thank you for this unique report about thoroughbreds.


  12. Excellent!

    When I was a young teen, My Dad and I took a road trip to Saratoga, NY, to visit The Horseracing Hall Of Fame (I think that's the name - might have "thoroughbred" in the title somewhere.) We enjoyed it immensely, as we both liked the races very much (My Dad as a sporting proposition, me as just a spectacle with My Dad placing a bet for me once in a great while.) We attended the races at Saratoga, enjoyed some of the fried chicken famous in the area, and it is one of my favorite memories of time with him.

  13. Great post!
    I agree with Naomi, it's a fascinating world.
    I never had a horse, but I think they are beautiful animals.

    Love your new template!

  14. My best friend's husband was a horse trainer for a while and I've been able to go to a couple of races with them. Such a fascinating world, so different than anything my my world. Her daughter was born during the Kentucky Derby and her husband's horse was good enough to be in it that year, 2005. So i was his happy stand-in during delivery.

  15. that would be really interesting to see,


  16. Takes me back to my punting and horse owning [shares only] days.
    One stallion i won a little money on was just like your boy, in personality only, very dangerous to be around..


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