Thursday, 27 October 2011

Wally World

 Well, we did it! We finally got there. We left home on a Monday and arrived at Walt Disney World on Friday, and when we arrived.....
.... it was raining! Not just your gentle shower, but REALLY RAINING! The forecast for the next four days was quite discouraging... rain, rain, and more rain. But that didn't stop us from visiting all the Disney Parks and having a great time. And it didn't rain all the time, although at times it seemed like it would never stop.
Callum loved meeting the Disney characters...  especially when he got a bearhug from Duffy...

... and a high five from Stitch.
To tell the truth, I have no idea who Duffy and Stitch are, I am so far behind the times, but Callum was suitably impressed!
Here are the Three Mousketeers incognito.....
..... and here's a couple of riders having some fun with Dumbo.
As if we hadn't already got wet enough, Callum had a good time spraying everyone in one of the fountains at Epcot.
The Disney Parks are amazing, so organized and clean. None of those disgusting black gobs of pre-chewed gum stuck on the sidewalks.... they don't even sell gum there. The staff. ... no, I mean the Cast... are always smiling and so helpful. OlderSon has a theory that if they don't smile, they get tasered... maybe he's right!


  1. Disney is a magical place to me. We usually go to Disneyland because its only 7 hours away by car. Love Disney World too.
    Clean and organized make it a pleasure.
    You know, some of our best memories are being in the Parks in the rain. Not so many people and it was ok to get wet. We always bought The Disney rain ponchos and looked like a bunch of ducklings parading around. Great memories.

  2. It looks that you had really happy day there. Callum is old enough to enjoy, I can see.

    Our grandchildren were in Disney World of Paris. They had plenty of photos and happy memories from there.

  3. I think there should be a general rule to taser anybody that doesn't smile and double taser those that drop gum!

  4. Well I already knew Stitch, but thank you for introducing me to Duffy, the Disney Bear. This was the first I had heard of him. Interesting back story on that one, too.

    So sorry about the rain. I'm glad the sun came out for at least part of the time. Your pics look great.

  5. A good taser never hurt anyone!...and you look like you are really enjoying your ride on Dumbo, did Callum enjoy it too!

  6. Disney sure knew what he was doing all those years ago. What a legacy!


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