Tuesday, 30 January 2018

I'm so HIP!

Many thanks to the kind bloggers who wished me a happy time away from home during the past week..... yes, I did have a good time, but not quite what you might expect!

OlderSon delivered me to the local hospital at 6:30am last Monday morning. At 8:00am I walked into the operating room, met my surgeon and his team, hopped up onto the operating table and was given a shiny new right hip joint using a new procedure for this surgeon, Direct Anterior Approach Hip Replacement, or DAA. By 12 noon I had recovered and was moved to the 3rd floor to join OlderSon.

The surgeon came to see me a couple of hours later, and encouraged me out of bed, and I walked a few steps up and down the room, the surgeon on one arm and a nurse on the other.

The next day, Tuesday, was busy with visits from the hospital physiotherapist, the pain doctor, the cardiac doctor, the pharmacist, numerous blood pressure checks, the surgeon wanting to check on his work, as well as lessons how to walk up and down stairs safely. YoungerSon came to get me in the afternoon, and I went to a local Senior Retirement Residence for 7 days respite and recovery.

Direct Anterior Approach Hip Replacement, or DAA, has only been performed at this hospital since November. Instead of a 10 inch incision at the side or back of the leg, DAA has a small 4 inch incision at the front of the leg. Recovery is much faster and there are no restrictions on movement of the new joint. I was able to walk with a walker immediately, and although the incision area is still a little tender, I'm starting to walk with a cane.

Staples come out next week, and then I'll start physiotherapy. And I'll soon be as good as new! I'm thinking positive thoughts. And it gives me the perfect excuse to stay in the warm during this cold snowy weather.


  1. Wow! Obviously, I had no idea and hope that all is well. That recovery sounds amazingly fast - just take care and look after yourself...

  2. Hello. I am very happy that you are already having a modern treatment that provides you with faster recovery. You are at home and you are certainly happy. Today I measured my scar after the procedure and also has only 10 cm, but it is on the side. My attitude has already changed a bit for the better, but I can not get rid of the limp and it stresses me. The book that I sometimes wore on my head is quite large and bound in a canvas, so it does not slip and does not fall off my head when I walk properly. :). Best wishes and thank you for remembering me.

  3. OK. So I'll take back all those feelings of jealousy now. :)

    I hope this continues to go well for you.

  4. It sounds so much less invasive which is always good. Good wishes for a speedy recovery! I hope you are back to your usual self in jig time.

  5. It sounds like things have come along a great deal since the days when my grandfather had it done.

  6. That is an amazing story, Shammy! So glad you had a good surgeon and hospital and that you are on your way to recovery. I guess you just have to be careful you don't overdo things while you are healing. If you have Netflix, you're all set! Take good care!

    Re your question on Ocala. I don't know if it is open to the public. I've never tried to go in. I would guess you could go in and ask questions ... maybe I'll try that one of these days. I have no idea where they get their funding. I think part of it comes from the government. Shhhh. Don't tell the dumb Trump!

  7. Very glad it all went well for you and you continue to heal and recover smoothly. Another hipster! :)

  8. Wow - fast recovery and operation. Wishing you a great future and much health.

  9. Hi Hippy! :) Yup, that snow was courtesy of Photoshop. It would be extremely unlikely and unusual if we ever got snow in Ocala! :)

  10. Oh well done Shammi. That new procedure sounds brilliant! My sister had a hip replacement a few years ago and the recovery period was longer than that. Sounds like you were in excellent hands. Just don't try to do too much too soon, love the sound of cosying up, keeping warm and lots of reading.. just what the doctor ordered 😀

  11. Amazing surgery. I'm so happy to read how successful it has been.
    You are going to be Dancing in no time....
    Enjoy your cozy warm respite.
    You made me laugh when I read your comment on my blog post.
    No I wasn't 12 when we married but I had just turned 20. Hubby just turned 22.
    The norm was early marriage and somehow we made it work.
    Of course there were rough patches along the way but they seem to have only made us stronger.

  12. Well it sounds like it was a success! I hope it continues to improve and that you'll be as good as new again!

  13. Thanks for the update! Sounds like all went very well.

  14. The fact that you can already move around blows my mind!
    So happy for you. I hope you will be free from the old pains forever.

  15. Well done! The Maple Leaf's will be signing you up soon.


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