Monday, 1 October 2018


It's Fall Fair time here in Southern Ontario, and I always have to go to nearby Markham Fair. It's a tradition with me, even if the rest of the family don't go with me. The Fair is much the same every year, but I still have to go and see if anything is new.
One of my favourite buildings is the poultry and rabbit building, where I can admire these gorgeous creatures.

Yes, I like the chickens a lot. Lovely colours and shapes and textures and very noisy! My Dad kept chickens when I was a child, and I was put in charge of the new baby chicks that arrived in a big box every spring..... like these.
The chicks soon grew up, and gave us fresh eggs every day, and then when their egg laying days were done, they became Sunday dinner.


  1. What a wonderful tradition.
    I do like the poultry (and wonder how the fluffy number sees), but am also always impressed by the preserves.

  2. It's not surprising they look so grumpy really, knowing they'll end up as Sunday dinner eventually. :D

    The fluffy one looks like Cher. :D

  3. Love the chickens! Open farm days here have become our tradition.

  4. Those are indeed some handsome birds! We had a few years of doing the same with baby chicks — had Rhode Island Reds. Just for fun had a few Bantams — given duck eggs to hatch one year. Also had some georgeous colorful fighting cocks though we did not use then for that.

  5. I guess chickens can relax a bit at this time of year. :)


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