Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Garden Goodies

It's harvest season, and the gardens are starting to produce gorgeous veggies. There's always fierce competition between the local gardeners and farmers for the biggest, the best, the craziest, the most colourful, when it comes to vegetables and farm produce shown at the Fair.

 I love the colours and shapes of all these varieties of squash and pumpkin.

This is known as Indian Corn, but also named Flint Corn as the kernels are very hard. Often used as a decoration in the autumn. And I think it can be used as popcorn too.


  1. Someone from New Hampshire just won $6.000 at a fair with a pumpkin weiging in at 2,528 lbs. I guess they have these type of competitions every year at harvest time. Nice photos and nice colours of the squash, pumpkins and other goodies.

  2. Love those colours. And never met a pumpkin I didn't like.

  3. I can't recall hearing the term flint corn before.

  4. A vegetarian's delight Shammi..I visualise pots of pumpkin soup, oh and roast pumpkin, yum! They are incroyably photogenic en masse 🌽🍆🍅


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