Saturday, 13 October 2018

AAP at Newmarket Theatre

The AAP Collective art group has been busy in the entrance lobby of the local Newmarket Theatre..... that's the town of Newmarket in Ontario, Canada, not the well known horse racing centre of Newmarket in England, although I think there are other Newmarket's all over the world. Is there a Newmarket near you?
And what or who is the AAP Collective? It's a group of ten artists, some are experienced professionals, and others, like me, are complete amateurs, who meet once a week to experiment and create art using all sorts of techniques and learning from each other.
AAP? It can stand for many things..... Another Art Project; Artists Are People; but most of all... Art Ain't Pretty.
The art will be displayed in the theatre lobby until January, which gives us lots of public exposure, but I'm not sure that people go to an evening at the theatre expecting to buy a piece of original art.

Here we are hanging the pictures in the lobby. Everyone has an opinion regarding the arrangement and what should hang next to what, but eventually we left it for just two people to make the decisions and stood around to observe. And of course, to make the odd encouraging comment.....
That one's not straight!
The one on the left is too high!
The one on the right is too low!

And no art exhibition can be complete without a group picture of the artists!

I'm the one with the pink shoelaces.


  1. Some particularly beautiful works are in that collection!

  2. Lots of people will enjoy seeing these wonderful works of art.

  3. Looks like a fun event and hope younsold a few.

  4. What a super idea to mix the work of professional with amateur artists.. and to be honest it can be difficult to tell the difference! Do you have some pieces hanging here Shammi?

  5. What a way to showcase everyone's work.
    I want to know which ones yours.
    I think it would be wonderful if you sold one or tow...
    To answer your question about the Disney characters event...
    It was the stores 25th anniversary and they do showcase Disney artists from time to time.
    It's always fun to catch up on things with the older original artists. They are quickly fading from being recognized as everything is going into the digital age.
    Thanks for asking


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