Friday, 2 February 2007

Groundhog Day

Today Wiarton Willie emerged from his winter hibernation (with a little prodding) and didn't see his shadow, predicting an early spring here in Ontario... YAY!! Shubenacadie Sam did the same, thus avoiding six more weeks of winter.
Let's hope they are right for a change.


  1. OMG. I'm here in Germany and totally forgot about Groundhog Day!

    Do we WANT spring to come early this year? Don't we NEED more winter to kill all those bugs??? Inquiring minds and all.

  2. Happy Groundhog Day to you. I hope the predictions are true for you.

  3. Thanks, I've learned something interesting new wheater-signs in this post.

    We don't have these animals here (I think) - so we must take what's coming. What else to do? LoL.


    Maybe we can use cats? Ours want go out these days

  4. Hi Rook,

    Thanks for your comments, which are always far too kind but warm the heart very much (not that I need much warming at the moment as it's far too hot in Djibouti already). You mentioned that I should make my posts into a book. Cheers, but I'm not sure who'd want to read the ramblings of a hairy Scotsman.

    As for the crossing, it went without a hitch (no pirates unfortunately, as that would have made a great story) however I did have a nasty run-in with the local Djibouti police (the blog post is being written as I type this but probably won't be published until tomorrow (how's that for suspense?)) which has put the country at the bottom of my popularity poll.

    Have a lovely Spring when it comes,


    P.S. I like the window, very artistic.

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog...I wish Mr. Ground Hog would change it from 6 weeks to 4.....I am tired of winter!! Your stained glass is absolutely beautiful...great talent.

  6. well it does feel a little spring like here already

  7. If we only had had a winter here *sigh*


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