Wednesday, 14 February 2007

St. Valentine's Day

Ah, February 14 is here, the traditional day for gifts to be given in the name of Love and Saint Valentine. Mother Nature must love us a lot as her gift to us today was a blizzard! Just look at my house. Buried.

When I was a teen in England, to receive a Valentine Card in the post was the ultimate in excitement. Especially if it was unsigned... that kept me busy for weeks guessing and dreaming of who my secret admirer could be. These days it's become another "Hallmark Holiday", cards for everyone, thousands all the same, no individuality or imagination.

However, a couple of years ago, I got a very special Valentine from The Space Cadet. He said he didn't have time to buy me flowers, and was very apologetic, and then suddenly appeared like this!

A Valentine surprise that will live in my heart forever!


  1. I only wish are snow had lasted longer!! My friend takes photos of places around her village, cos they get more snow than us!! Then makes Christmas Cards out of them! I would love to do that!!

  2. Yup, it's here, V-Day. All the snow everyone thought they wouldn't get is finally coming, I see. Well, stay warm.

    And that's one cool Space Cadet. You'll never forget THAT flower! :)

  3. je vous souhaite une bonne saint-valentin sous la neige.

  4. Plus de neige ici!

    I think that means, "Man, we sure got buried in this snow!"

    The 4-foot tall shrubberies out front are completely hidden in a snow drift!

  5. Wow! The main floor is completely buried. I guess you got out through the 2nd floor door.

  6. what a funny photo!

  7. he-he I love the surprise in form of a living flower. That's far beyond what you can by in dozens of cards and roses together. That's what I call love ;D.


    btw. I'm sorry I have not been able to give your comment to my last weeks Photohunt a proper answer. I have posted the reason in my blog today.

  8. That's some Honey you have. I love that kind of valentine more than all the flowers in the florist shop.
    Stay warm and enjoy your day.

  9. I love snow. It looks like we're not going to get any this year.

    You gotta love a man who is willing to do that for the woman he loves!

  10. What a great Valentine surprise! LOL. Hope you had a great day :)

    PS: Dale sends Valentine purrs to the grand' kitties ;)

  11. Absolutely unforgettable.

    (Is that a wayward kitchen tool on his head, or a mischievous venetian blind...)

  12. a nice valentines surprise... the snow and spacecadet..

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  14. xgryngThanks for visiting - your Amarylis are beautiful. I look forward to connecting again ==

  15. That seems an intersting flower :)


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