Sunday, 30 September 2007

Markham Fair - Part 1 - and Wedding Update

If it's the last weekend in September, it must be Markham Fair.
We spent Friday at the Fair. A typical Ontario Fall Fair, this one has been in existence for the past 163 years.

Somehow I missed visiting the cow barn, so no pics of cows, but here's one of the alpacas. This fellow's name is Jingle.

And the baby piggies.... bacon sandwich, anyone?

A Lincoln Longwool..... aptly named. Handsome, isn't he?

Prizewinning pigeon. Lot's of colourful birds of all kinds, chickens, bantams, pigeons, and also rabbits...

... and of course, displays of farm machinery both old and new. The Space Cadet tries his hand at tree planting.

Wedding Update
Scroll down to the bottom of the blog page and you'll see the countdown to The Wedding. 13 days to go! The Bride's getting nervous. The Groom seems to be reasonably calm so far, but there's plenty of time for that to change
Of course, there are a million last-minute tasks:
  • Calligraphy for seating chart for the reception. DONE
  • Sew buttons on Mother-of-the-Groom outfit. DONE
  • Decide on jewellery to match Mother-of-the-Groom outfit.DONE
  • Sew wrap to match Wedding Dress for the Bride. DONE
  • Deliver the 3 tiers of Wedding cake to the cake icing lady Oct 9. DONE, pick the completed cake up on Thursday
  • Order food for Wedding rehearsal dinner Oct 12. DONE
  • Hair do. DONE
  • Confirm hotel reservations. DONE
  • Clean house ready for visiting wedding guests. NEVER ENDING JOB.
  • Meet rellies from UK and Newfoundland at the Airport Oct 9. DONE
  • Canadian Thanksgiving dinner with The Space Cadet's family Oct 8. DONE
  • Canadian Thanksgiving dinner with my family Oct 10. DONE
  • probably lots more stuff I haven't even thought of yet.......


  1. Great fair pix! I expecially love those of the sweet animal faces!

    Good luck with all the wedding preparations! I'm sure you'll sail through with flying colors..

    Hope you don't mind my adding a link to the Rook's Nest on my blog roll.

  2. Love those animals, and nope couldn't eat a piggy specially if i had to raise it.
    Oh wow you have a lot of stuff to check out on that list,How are you doing?
    Nope i didn't take no nuts, you couldn't even take photos of the nutcrackers.

  3. I love your pictures.
    It sounds like a very very very busy week for you all

  4. I did my own wedding, and the last one on your list--is definitely the harbinger of several more to do items. That's all I'm saying.

  5. Oh I love alpacas! It sounds like a great day at the fair.

    Marie x

  6. Wonderful pics!!!

    Less than two week until the wedding.
    I'm sure all will go well, and the wedding day will be fabulous!!

    Get plenty of rest during these next several days, even though you are very busy. You don't want to be worn out or ill on the BIG day. The bride and groom don't want their wedding pics to include ones of you fainting.

  7. Oooo, how exciting, can't wait to see all the weddings, goings on!!! Do we get an early peek at your outfit then??

  8. I can certainly thrill to the excitement in your air these days as you count down to the wedding, Ex-S. We have our airline tickets for our flight from Atlanta to Honolulu next end of May. Nicholas will fly with us. We're so excited. :) I can imagine what it'll feel like 7 months from now!!!

  9. The animal picts were just great. That alpaca is too cute. As for the piglets, I'm happy that they "use" the full grown version for the bacon!

    LOL! You sound more nervous that the bride to be ;) But I guess that's normal.
    You'll crack the whip, I'm sure.

  10. Everything will get done an the wedding will be fab. Just keep making lists and taking a breather now and then.
    Love the animal pictures. Alpacas so cute and that sheep has such beautiful Dred locks...

  11. Oh my gosh, that little sleeping piggy is SO CUTE!

  12. Looks like you need an assistant you do all that pre-wedding tasks.

  13. Those are some lovely friends you have made at the fair!
    I'm getting excited for you and The Wedding. I can imagine the excitement in the air. Just take a deep breath every now and then. They will love that you are documenting the event thru your eyes. I hope they are documenting it too.

  14. Absolutely adore alpacas. They're so unexpectedly soft, aren't they.

    Impressive check list, but we need a few more ticks ... how many more sleeps? (Shall never forget Hannah's pre-wedding phone call when she said there were only 2 more sleeps before the big day!)

    All the good luck, fun and happiness in the world to you all for the next few days (and beyond of course!)

    Sue x

  15. Glad to see your list is getting shorter. Well done. Not long now ...
    Sue x

  16. Ha! checking up on me, are you?

  17. Wow, you are in the middle of a busy time! Our daughter married nearly 3 years ago, they did all the arrangements themselves. 1am the morning of the wedding we were still drinking G&Ts in the hotel bar while daughter finished off the place name labels... At least it kept her mind off being nervous! ;-) It was a lovely day.

    Thanks for visiting, and thank you for your kind words. It's been a difficult year! But am beginning to feel better with plenty of rest, and my feline Visitor has helped a lot too. :-)

    That Alpaca is so sweet looking. Wish I had a house with a field so could keep alpacas - well, it's nice to daydream isn't it?!

    Best wishes from sunny Liverpool


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