Friday, 7 November 2008

Me and My Buddies

Met up with these two at Alfie's in Ormond Beach.

McCain looks kinda sad, don't you think?


  1. I'm guessing McCain should also be his age. Why would anyone that old want to take on the problems he'd have to face! Thank God Obama is the one!

  2. I can see that you move in very select circles ;)

  3. Me? I see it as them posing with you :-)

  4. He sure does, but you and Mr. Obama look radiant! Belated Happy Birthday! :)

    PS: My Goodness! Callum is getting cuter by the minute!

  5. Seems you are really moving with the "In" crowd. Fun shot of you and the fellas.

  6. Great Picture! McCain does look kind of sad in that picture! One would hope he is now resting up from a more than difficult and vigorous campaign....!

    FYI: Indeed, I have very hapy memories of our Winters in Florida....We loved that house and we loved our time on North Bay Road, until my parents seperated....Shocking, to me, at the time. But, before that, there were some wonderful times there.

    Can you believe your little darling Grandson is 8 months +?
    It seems like yesterday that you were waiting for him to be born....!

  7. heehee, i agree w/ suldog, they are posing with you! :)

    And happy belated, too. Hope it was great!!

  8. Finally McCain may feel comfortable with the loss... Poor Obama had to start a tough job!

  9. Had fun catching up again!
    Great celebrety shot of you and the candidates!
    I don't think I've ever tried flounder. Are they the fish with both eyes on the same side of the head? That one looks as though he could feed several people nicely.
    Oh Callum! Wow!
    And Happy Birthday to you and Many More.....

  10. They probably could've both used a vacation after that campaign.

  11. He has nothing to be sad about. He has his million dollar house to go home to and he will probably live longer without the stress of cleaning up GWB's crap.


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