Wednesday, 19 November 2008

On The Beach - and a Blogiversary!

From our little beach cottage, it's exactly 80 paces to the beach. I know, because I counted them.

Some days, the beach is full of shells, and then the tide comes in and whisks them all out to sea. Then a couple of days later, they're all back, lining the edge of the surf.

These little sandpipers spend their lives at the edge of the sea feeding on tiny crustaceans. As each wave retreats, they dash forward, frantically poking their beaks into the sand looking for dinner, but they hate to get their feet wet, so the next wave sends them scuttling back to dry land.

The gulls with the fancy hairdos are Royal Terns. They always face into the wind... wouldn't want to mess up their hair!

Every morning I walk along the beach, usually as far as the Beach Patrol Headquarters and back. The yellow flag indicates moderate surf conditions. If it's green, swimmers are fairly safe, but if it's red, watch out for high surf and rip currents that can pull an unsuspecting swimmer under.

and - A Two Year Blogiversary!
I've been rambling on this blog about whatever comes into my head for two whole years now, and in that time I've "met" and "talked to" so many interesting people all over the world. It's been such fun! Thanks to everyone who has spent time at Rook's Nest, and if you keep visiting, I'll keep posting!
.....and another special mention to gorgeous and handsome grandson Callum, who is Nine Months Old Today! Happy nine months, Callum!


  1. Happy two years out! And to Callum, too. I think I'd dig my toes in the sand and hold out for another week, if I were you. No boots, not yet!

  2. Happy bloggyversary! Those pictures make me want to walk on that beach. The solitude and beauty - ahh.

  3. Happy blogiversay! Two years? That's a long time!

    Florida looks wonderful but I'm sorry the temperatures have turned cold on you.

    There's not much snow here yet so don't fear coming back. ;-)

  4. 80 paces to the sea. How better to describe heaven? Enjoy your flip-flops, happy walking!

  5. Well, Happy Blogiversary to you! Many more!

  6. Can Callum be 9 months old already? Where does the time go?
    Love the pictures of a really neat place to vacation. You are so close to the waters edge, how wonderful.
    Congratulations on your 2 year blogiversary. Its a terrific place to meet people from all over.

  7. UPDATE:
    I heard today that Callum had a special surprise for his Mummy and Daddy on his 9 month birthday.... a TOOTH!
    Now they'll have to buy him a toothbrush!

  8. Happy Blogoversary, well done!
    I enjoy coming here, and especially today, showing all these images from your beach, and all so heartwarming! Love the birds and the shells, and the idea that you are only a stone's throw away!

  9. I'm jealous! I love the beach!

    Happy blogoversary!

  10. Happy Nine Months to Callum! It does go fast, doesn't it?
    Those little sandpipers are so cute, scuttling back and forth. I used to pick shells up and take them home. Put them in my gardens, but don't think I would any more.
    I love the beach - lucky you!
    Happy Blogiversary!

  11. You are a pure delight for Blogsphere, Sham, and I mean that sincerely. So congratulations on TWO years and please keep blogging!!

  12. Dam, I made a mental note to wish you happy blogiversary, should have written it down, any way happy belated blogiversary.
    Belated B/D to Callum too.

    You would love it here today, winter storm warning issued last night, snow and wind is here and more to come.

  13. Happy Blogaversary to you too and many more to come!
    Beautiful shell pictures on the sand. Wish I was there!

  14. happy anniversary shammie!

    great pictures, i love the shells

  15. Happy Blogiversary, Sham! And happy 9 months to Callum. My, will the tooth fairy be happy, although she'll have to wait a few more years to get her first from him ;)

  16. Happy two year anniversary! Get those boots out.

    Those birdy pictures are fabulous. I must tell Maalie to pop over to see them.

    Love Lorenzo.

  17. What a lovely lovely spot that is! I used to LOVE to collect shells...There is something about them that is so very special....I know I am not alone in this love and I love thar, too!
    Looks like you are having a grand time, my dear!

  18. Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary...I am so glad I found you! You have such interesting things to read about and I love your family photos.....happy 9 month birthday to little Callum...

  19. My sister (Lorenzothellama)recommended me to look here, and I'm so glad I did! Beautiful pictures of the shore birds :-)

  20. Time FLIES!! Happy blogiversary! And happy 9 months to your sweet Callum. Celebrations are definitely in order.

    Your beach photos are amazing. Love every part of it, from the tall grass to the funny birds with their fancy 'do. I'm already looking forward to your photos next year. Yep! I'll be here for your 3 year blogaversary, too!

  21. Congrats on your Blogiversary! Two years is a long time. You have a great blog. Keep posting for sure. I think those pictures of the birds on the above posting are just incredible, especially the red hawk.


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