Saturday, 1 August 2009

Now We're Cookin' with Gas!

My Kitchen is finished! Well, almost finished.
There's still some caulking to do, and a few last minute adjustments, and of course there's the painting of trim and walls, but that can wait for a week or two.

I've spent a whole day moving plates and cups and pots and pans from the dining room and the basement which has functioned as a sort of make-do kitchen for the past month. Thank goodness I don't have to survive using the microwave and the toaster oven and wash dishes in the tiny basement sink any more.

It went from this....

.... to this.....

.... to this.

And of course, nothing ever runs according to plan, even on the best of days there's always some kind of major hitch. The sinks, faucets and drains were connected and running smoothly, then the drain pipe clogged up SOLID! It took Dave and his buddy most of the next day to clear the clog using a scary combination of plumbers snakes, the shopvac, the garden hose and a generous helping of brute force. Just an accumulation of crud in the pipes, they said. Very nasty stinky black crud. Especially nasty when it spurted all over the basement floor.

The other end of the room started out like this.....

.... to this....

.... and the finished product. Still more to do... some sort of window treatment, not sure what yet, a new light fixture, and the old fridge is still there, the Hydro One people were coming to pick it up last week, but their truck broke down!

Thanks for all your hard work Dave.... the kitchen is awesome, I'm going to enjoy using it so much. YoungerSon says he's looking forward to some fabulous dinners now.... little does he know that I can burn food in a new oven just as easily as I could in the old one.

I'm away for a week.... off to The Rock.... pics when I get back.


  1. How nice! I know you will enjoy it. I love the stainless stell appliances.

  2. wow! it's gorgeous!! I'll bet you'll be inspired to concoct lots of delicious dishes.

  3. Wow! Your kitchen is really wonderful! Your youngerSon is right, I can imagine de delicious dinners you will prepare...

    Have a nice Sunday!

  4. What a great transformation! have A nice trip!

  5. It looks fantastic. What a great job they did. Enjoy your holiday, Shammie. :)

  6. Wow, that is one lovely kitchen. I am a horrible cook and can't even microwave anything quite right either. Caught up a bit and loved the pics of the rocks. Have fun...enjoy yourself.

  7. that looks like it'll be a gas to cook in!!! love your appliances....enjoy yourself!!

  8. Have a great time. Kitchen is looking good!

  9. Tremendous job there! What a remarkable difference!

    This is the first time I've seen such a stove. I can fidget with the oven controls without reaching way back and setting my tie on fire? Who'd-a thunk?!

  10. What a beautiful kitchen! Such a transformation. I like how you put that middle pic in there. Start, finish and somewhere in the middle. Cool!
    So - are we all invited over for dinner???? Hmmmm???

  11. Ah Shammy, I envy you your fabulous new kitchen! Our house is nearly 40 years old and all we've had in the kitchen is a new oven. Nothing else has been changed, and it is looking very tired, for want of a better word. Two years ago, we got a quote to have it renovated, but couldn't afford the $20,000 which was quoted, so nothing's changed!

  12. Have a great holiday and I think your new kitchen is fabulous. It will be such a joy to be in.
    Looking forward to more pictures when you return.

  13. I can imagine this would give anyone a new lease on life! Congratulations, Sham! Enjoy your time away.

  14. What a beautiful job – it looks like something from the decorator channel on TV – I wish I had such a beautiful kitchen. It is certainly a great achievement.

  15. Wow! What a gorgeous kitchen you have! Very nice!

  16. At last! I'm so glad it's more or less finished ... you deserve it!

    Sue x

  17. Congratulations.
    What a wonderful new kitchen world, so to speak.
    How are now your experiences cooking with gaz?

    We only, in the Summerhouse, use Gaz for heating Water.



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