Thursday, 21 February 2013

Pizza Party!

It was a Pizza Party to remember! Callum invited his cousins and his kindergarten friends to celebrate turning FIVE! When you're five, you're big enough to learn to cook, so his mum and dad booked a pizza party in the party room at the local Superstore and the birthday boy and his guests learned how to make pizza.
First you wash your hands, write your name on your chef's hat, and put on your apron.
Then you are ready to start. Squish the dough so it's nice and round and flat (don't drop it on the floor, well, not all of it!).
And then you take a spoonful of tomato sauce and spread it on the dough (remember not to lick the spoon, the next person has to use it too!). Take a chopping board and a cutter, and choose the toppings for your pizza.... Callum chose pepperoni and cheese but there were many more choices..... chop it up and put it on your pizza.
It doesn't matter if you put your sleeve in it.... does it, Mom?
While the pizza is in the oven it's time to make a cookie for dessert.

 A ball of cookie dough flattens out nicely, make lots of  holes with your finger and pop a chocolate chip in each hole. Finish it off with a handful of pink sugar.... bet this is going to taste awesome!
The cookie goes into the oven as soon as the pizza is done.... and then it's time to eat!

 No birthday party is complete without a birthday cake. This one had five candles and Callum blew them all out in one big puff. He's been saying he's been feeling as though he is five for a long time....
.... so now he really is five! Next thing you know, he'll be wanting to be six!
Happy Birthday, Callum!


  1. Home made pizza and cookies - what more could you really want?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    Now you are 5 years old, and I remember when you were born...1
    what a fun Birthday Party...!
    Home-made Pizza and Home Made Cookies....HOORAY!!!!

  4. What a clever idea to entertain and teach at the same time, and you cook your own food. In the last pic the little girl on the left looks really anxious that those candles get blown out! so funny. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALLUM.

  5. This is a fun birthday party. It puts smile on my face. Happy Birthday Callum!

  6. What a terrific way to celebrate a birthday! Pizza, cookies, cake and good friends. Callum sure is growing up fast!!

    Re my blog post- I wish I'd flown south with geese. LOL! No, I've been looking for a house. My lease is up soon on my rental condo and I want back in a house.

    This has been a bad winter for colds and flu too. I was sick most of the time. Yuk!

    That man is most mysterious - I had thought about stopping him to chat, but there is something ethereal about him. He almost looks as though he's just walk right by and ignore me - not in a rude way, but as if he's so intent on finding treasure, there is no time or interest to chat.
    Anyway - if I drum up the courage, to stop him, I'll certainly post about it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Love those birthday-boy pics!

  7. Looks like great fun! We had a similar sort of party for our niece when she turned eight (many years ago now) at a local pizza parlor. I still look at the photos and smile.

  8. That's a pretty good idea. I wonder if our local store does anything like that. It isn't Super though.

  9. Not fair - I put a long comment here and it got eaten or something. Anyway, just to say bon anniversaire to Callum. My son Noah chose Chinese but it could have been pizza! Callum is 5 and I still remember when Noah was that age and then - whoosh he's 19! Which means I'm ... let's not go there!

  10. What a wonderful thing to do for that sweet Birthday Boy.
    I love the "It's all business" attitude for cooking.
    How can he be 5 years old already??
    Time marches on much too fast.

  11. Callum is FIVE???!!! mercy...what happened to 3 & 4? I remember 1 & 2. He was my first blogger countdown baby! And then his brother came along right after. Wonderful!

  12. Happy birthday Callum!! What an adorable party idea, looks like it was a big success.

  13. A Very Happy Birthday dear Callum!!
    Sounds you party was great.
    And you are a very beautiful boy!!


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