Friday, 8 February 2013

Sunshine in a Jar

I love toast and marmalade with my morning coffee, but the marmalade sold here in Canada is far too sweet for my taste, so I make my own.
A dozen tough little Seville oranges, very bitter and only available in January/February, 3 or 4 lemons, a couple of sweet oranges and some white sugar. Remove the pips and the pith and cook separately, slice the peel really thinly, soak it all overnight in my special jam bucket, and then cook the peel until it's soft.
For every cup of fruit.... add one cup of sugar, and cook until it starts to gell. It's a long process, and you need most of the day, lots of patience and a sturdy stirring arm, but the result is worth it.
I had some for my breakfast this morning. And I'm planning on having some more tomorrow! Yummy.


  1. Look delicious and sunny !
    Good weekend to you and yours Fenella!

  2. I have made and canned many things, but marmalade is not one of them. You have a lot to see you through the year! Happy Friday, Shammie

  3. Oh they look deee-licious! I've never made any kind of jams or jelly or marmalade, but my mother and grandmother used to make these all the time!!! It's GREAT that you can do this, my dear.

  4. Ummm, yummm!!
    This sounds so good.
    Thanks so much for your kind words on my last post. They meant a lot.
    My daughter in law's family has some very hard and big decisions to make on behalf of their Dad. It's a difficult time.
    Thanks for the concern.

  5. Looks delicious! You can enjoy those bottled jams for a long time!!!
    Enjoy your winter!

  6. I thought you might gravitate to Marmite.

  7. That looks lovely, Shammie. I love marmalade too but I admit that I like the sweeter kind well enough. Still, I'll bet yours is delicious.

  8. How are you doing up there, Shammie? I read something about the huge snowfall in Toronto. That's close to you, non? Stay warm and snug and electrified. That marmalade looks fabulous!!!

    xoxo, m.e.

  9. Your right about marmalade being too sweet in Canada, I make our own most times, mixture of oranges lemons limes with occasional grapefruit thrown in for variety.
    Patience sure it a virtue when making marmalade versus jams.


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