Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Super Bowl

Super Bowl 2013 is over!
I'm definitely not an American Football fan, but with 2 sons who follow the game, I am bound to be exposed to it over the years. However, I've never actually figured out what goes on on the football field. I just admire their tight pants and marvel at the way the TV techies can put those colored lines on the field without anything actually being there.
But it was a weird game.... the lights went out in the stadium, and something went wrong with YoungerSon's PVR which meant that we missed Beyonce's half time show. Boo... that was why I was there!
However, Super Bowl means getting together with the family, playing silly gambling games with silly prizes, drinking beer and having good stuff to eat!
We had shrimps, spanakopita, chips, popcorn, veggies and dip, then spaghetti with meat sauce (veggie sauce for the veggie people), and then for dessert..... WOOHOO.....

...... OlderSon had dropped in at a bakery that makes the most delicious, calorie-laden, mouth watering pastries. Almost made it worth missing the half time show.


  1. I'm not a big football fan, but I did watch the Super Bowl, on and off---switching back and forth to the PGA Golf final that day....I can see how great it would be and how much fun you all had as a family get together...The desert looks yummy!

    I see that very soon someone will be turning five!!! Where did the time go---I swear it was just yesterday when you were waiting for Callum to be born,,,!

  2. We partied hearty here too. I'm not a fan of the game but I was happy to have family (Frank's) and friends over for the day.

  3. Λατρεύω αυτά τα ελληνικά πιάτα, επιθυμούν είχαμε τα συστατικά για τους εδώ. Τα γλυκά βλέμμα yummy.

  4. OH YUM! I could enjoy a football game if treats like that were being served. :)

  5. I used to enjoy watching Football when it was shown at a sensible time over here (sunday afternoons). Now it is only shown in the middle of the night!

    I love the tactics, very much like an ancient greek battle.

  6. I skipped the Superbowl. I went out to dinner with my eldest son, and my wife stayed home to watch Downton Abbey.

    But I too am fascinated at how the techs can create lines on the field. There sure is a lot of work (and money) that goes into televising those games.

    Those desserts look tasty!

  7. Bravo for sitting through a football game. The only game I watch is Superbowl and it's for the commercials. This year of course, I had a little bit more of an investment, but even though I really really wanted SF to win, my heart wasn't in it like it was the World Series.


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