Friday, 13 November 2015

Apple Jelly

OlderSon has an big old apple tree growing behind his house. It hasn't been pruned or looked after for years, and rarely produces apples. But this year, the branches were weighed down with fruit. As the tree hasn't been sprayed with fungicide or insecticide for some years, the apples are a bit dodgy. You have to eat them carefully.
Remember the old joke.... Q: "What's worse than finding a worm in your apple?" A: "Finding half a worm in your apple."
The apples were sweet and crisp and tasty.  I gathered a big bag of apples and took them home, intending to make an apple pie, but changed my mind and chopped them up to make apple jelly instead.

The jelly turned out to be a pale colour as the apples themselves are yellow. In each jar I added a couple of teaspoonfuls of Calvados, apple brandy that I brought back from France a few years ago. It's along the same lines as the American drink Applejack. It made the jelly a little bit less jelly-like, but that just makes it easier to spread!

Should be a great wake-me-up on toast in the morning for breakfast.... just make sure you don't put any in the kids' school lunches.


  1. Now that looks yummy.. and what a great addition to it. ;)

    Very pretty picture with the sun streaming in like that, Shammie.

  2. Mmmm--looks delightful, and I bet it tastes even better!!

  3. Yum. I suspect it would go well with icecream too.

  4. Love Calvados. Must be a great addition to the jelly. Love the colour of the finished product and it is organic.. Looks delicious. Jars come with a warning; don't eat on toast and drive. Lol.

  5. Last year found you making both raspberry and strawberry jam. You are indeed productive on the jam front.

  6. Good for you for processing some of the apples!

  7. Just great to have a big old apple tree growing behind his house.
    The apple jelly looks delicius!

    Wishing you and yours a lovely Sunday!

  8. oh, that looks great! in my wisconsin youth, i helped my mother pare many a 'dodgy' apple for pie slices and applesauce. :)

  9. How wonderful to have an old apple tree growing in your son's house. Looks delicious! My next door has an old persimmon tree in their garden. The persimmon owner gives me some harvests every autumn, but the tree will be cut down soon because of the renovation of their garden fence. I am disappointed. No more persimmon.


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