Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Where's Waldo?

Where's Waldo? He's playing hockey, that's where.

Grandie Emma is in her first year of ice hockey. It's hard going for her, learning to skate forwards, backwards, stopping, starting, getting up after falling in the ice, and handling a hockey stick and a slippery rubber puck at the same time.
But the coaches make it fun, especially so at Hallowe'en.
There was a special Hallowe'en hockey practice at the weekend. The players on Emma's team all turned into mini "Where's Waldo" characters thanks to the inventive coaches.
Watch out for that scaaaaary bat above your head, Emma.
Of course there had to be a team photo. An opportunity not to be missed. Can you guess which one is Emma er... I mean Waldo?
 And the opposition became "The Pirates" with lots of cries of "YoHoHo" and "Arrrrr me Hearties".
Then they were out on the ice for their regular practice. It was more lighthearted and fun than their usual hard workout practice. Games of tag using (plastic) bloodied body parts. And instead of skating figures around orange pylon markers, they were using severed arms and legs... really scary stuff.
When Waldos and Pirates meet on the ice.... it's Hallowe'en Hockey Night in Canada!


  1. Well, that's something we don't see here, lol. The outfits were very clever. We say "Where's Wally" not Waldo, but then we would have to be different!!!! ;)

    On another note, I do believe somebody has a Birthday coming up? Have a lovely day and Happy Birthday in advance :)

  2. How cute is that! I hope the game went along with the good spirits and that everyone had a good time no matter the "score." Is there a video somewhere showing grandma on the ice? :)

  3. Such a Canadian scene! Hallowe'en on ice hockey or the other way around!

  4. Just a beautiful photo of Grandie Emma is in her first year of ice hockey!!
    What a great Hallowe'en Hockey Night in Canada!!

  5. Super, super cute. And they look so tiny!!!!

  6. It looks like they were having fun.

  7. A blast for the kids, lots of fun.

  8. Oh my goodness! The "Where's Waldo" team is fantastic! I love coaches who make a game fun, while still teaching the fundamentals. God bless them.

  9. What a fun thing. I haven't seen anything like it around here.

    I still don't get email notifications of your comments for some reason. AFAIK you're the only one.


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