Friday, 4 May 2018

Annual Art Show and Sale, WooHoo!

I've been a non-blogger for a while mainly because I've been busy getting myself in gear for our local Annual Art Show and Sale which happens this weekend, Friday 4, Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 May. But that doesn't mean I haven't been doing other things.

  • I went to see the Moscow Festival Ballet's production of "Giselle". Fabulous! My toes hurt just watching those ballerinas en pointe.
  • I saw a junior production of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" in our local theatre, totally performed by young people 18 and under. Again, fabulous! So many words to remember.
  • I saw the movie "Loving Vincent", an animated feature film created from thousands of fine art oil paintings in the style of Vincent Van Gogh. Impressive art and a fascinating story.
  • One of the local churches staged a Murder Mystery play.... yes I know, sort of strange activity for a church. There were many twists and turn in the dialogue, and in the end the audience was asked to write down "whodunnit". Of course, I got it completely wrong.... but it was lots of fun trying to decide who the baddie was.
  • And I went to a concert by The Ennis Sisters, three singing sisters from St Johns, Newfoundland, beautiful harmonies and witty commentary, loved the whole evening!

But back to the Art Show and Sale.....

I arranged most of my paintings on the bed as they all had to be tagged with the price card and my business card. I also have some matted lino prints for sale and some original watercolour greeting cards with envelopes. I hope to sell it all..... ha ha wishful thinking probably!!!!!!


  1. It sounds like you've been quite busy! I love the sound of the Ennis Sisters.

  2. Good luck with the art sale. I hope you have a wonderful time at the Art Show and you make lots of sales.

  3. I can understand why you haven't been blogging. I'm not sure when you found enough time to eat. I'd love to go to that art show and I see a couple of your pieces I would probably be interested in.

    What is 5 pin bowling/ Never heard of that. Never heard of the Ennis Sisters. Never heard of the Shakespeare guy. I thought Shakespeare was a brand of fishing reel. Nah, just kidding. I remember Shakespeare. I think he came to our school once when I was young.

    Best wishes on the show! Sell everything! That's an order!

  4. It all sounds wonderful. Love the Ennis Sisters from home!

  5. It sounds as if you have been very busy. Sometimes blissfully busy.
    Love your work - and hope it does sell for you.


  7. Good luck on the art, which is hard to sell. Enjoy the process whatever the outcome.

  8. You have been busy!

    I love all your artwork and the different frames you've used on them. Good luck I hope you sell them all!

  9. Your paintings look really great! You are are multi-talented.

  10. You certainly have been out and about Shammi! You have your art framed beautifully here, good luck with the exhibition ✨

  11. Wow...busy Lady....
    I love your art work and your style.
    I hope you can sell it all...after the lights return!


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