Monday, 29 January 2007

1 - 2 - 3 - Juggle!

When No2Son was a lot younger, I challenged him to see who could learn to juggle three balls in the air first. I started out using tennis balls, but every time I dropped one, it bounced so far away and I got tired of chasing after it, so we changed to fabric juggling balls. They didn't escape so easily, plus they were smaller and easier to handle. I soon got the hang of keeping three balls in the air, but he rapidly developed amazing juggling skills, and in no time was able to bicycle down our street (no hands) and juggle at the same time. I wish we had a video of that!
However... have a look here. This is one of the most amazing displays of coordination talent I've ever seen. Make sure your speakers are on, and you can hear the music. His name is Chris Bliss.
Sorry, I haven't figured out how to post videos yet!


  1. Wow, wow, wow. thanks for sharing that link with me. It was amazing. I like your picture as a reference too. The only thing that I sucessfully juggled was my bank balance.

  2. That was absolutely incredible! What a talent!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. What to say when you see this - peace of cake - I'm overwhelmed.

    And people do have it as a way of living...

    Utterly impressed.

    Thanks for linking this performance

  4. I saw that last year - he is truly amazing!

    Thanks for the visit, and no, copperheads were not welcome at all!

    thank so much for posting this; i have posted to my blog so i can watch it again and again...

  6. I have trouble just walking down the street without fumbling... imagine that !!

    Thanks for sharing !

  7. Absolutely amazing I've never ever seen a better juggler and so much stamina too.I have passed your site on to a few blogger friends. great.

  8. Is that your son in the video?


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