Friday, 9 February 2007

Alien Invasion?

Monsters from the Dark Swamp?
Aliens from Outer Space?
Hitherto unknown deadly virus?
or simply children's toys..... you decide.


  1. Great title and the koosh balls are so colorful. Great and fun shot.

  2. they look suspiciously like how I imagine all the bugs that are flying around at the moment may look

    BTW April!!!!!

  3. A very colourful and happy virus?

  4. They look like those balls you chuck in the dryer to speed up the drying process!!!
    May I add you as a link?

  5. I like the pictures, very original. And you're certainly right about the Ethiopi (and Somali as well) women who are very pretty. Though I don't mind too much about being on the US's blacklist as I was going to boycott them anyway because of the whole biometric passport and flight information thingm which I believe to be a great intrusion on individual privacy and civil liberties. Luckily Canada is ploughing its own furrow in that respect.

  6. I wish they were spring flowers, or spring weeds....either would be acceptable at the moment.

  7. I apologize for my friend from...get this...the UK, who butchered your name. He was probably sitting in a pub with his mates and had downed a few too many pints while using his laptop to blog. I emailed him and spelled your name correctly for him. Thank you for visiting. I have put you on my blog roll if that's OK.

  8. photo: So that's what they are called.

    LL: Your fridge too? uhoh...

    fizzy: You have bugs? A bit early isn't it?

    Craver: I remember that episode distinctly! Ugh I must be really old!

    CSwiss: All viruses are happy! Give Dale a chin tickle from me.

    Dogbait: Is that a new pic you have on your blog? Gruesome looking dog, lots of teeth!

    BBBob: I'm still laughing, that's a great comment!

    Libby; please add me, I'm very honoured!

    Glad you like the pics, say hello to your Canadian fellow-traveller from me.

    Rosemary: I left another note on your blog.... I thought Mart's comments quite funny!

  9. That looks like it would be fun to jump into!


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