Sunday, 18 February 2007

Sign of Spring?

The TV weather man says it's been below Zero C for 30 days now. So much for WiartonWillie's prediction of an early spring! Never trust a groundhog, that's my policy.
But not everything is cold and frozen.

We gave amaryllis bulbs for Christmas prezzies this year.
Here's No1Son's MIL's amaryllis. Four beautiful crimson flowers.
No1Son's Beloved only just planted her bulb, so it's a bit behind the others.

And here's No2Son's Beloved's amaryllis. It grew to more than 24 inches high within 2 weeks, and has 6 gorgeous blooms on two separate stems, with a couple more blooms yet to open.
Now I wish that Santa Claus had brought me one too.


  1. Wonderful flowers, Amaryllis. The one we got last christmas (2005), we kept indoor and planted it in our Summergarden. Guess what, we had it until the frost came in october.

    I've read a blog with some posts about Amaryllis, and I do think the author have written down some good advices. Here's the URL:

    Have a nice week to come, and thanks for your comments. I've given some back on my blog.

  2. Lucky sons to receive nice gifts. The flowers are simply gorgeous. Its a bright spot in a chilly day.
    Thanks for your nice comments on my problem blog.

  3. I had my first amaryllis this year. My parents always had them but I never did.

    I bought myself an "Apple Blossom" one.

    Nice to see that you are a fellow Ontarian!

  4. Hi - I've just found you via photowannabe. I did a lot of genealogy work a few years ago and mine hail from the edge of Exmoor - Knowstone, East and West Anstey, Molland etc.

    I've only read through your first page so far and see we both have a TickerFactory wedding 'calendar' on our blogs!

    What beautiful amaryllis. Off to browse some more of your blog ...

  5. Beautiful picture of lovely blooms,these will cheer you up through the cold dark days of winter.You never now you could get a visit from an easter bunny!!!.

  6. Amaryllis are such beautiful flowers. Yours are truly beautiful.
    You may havea groundhog, we have the BBC I don't know which is better

  7. Interestingly, I've never gotten one either! But they ARE beautiful to behold. That second pic is fantastic!

  8. They are beautiful flowers indeed! :)

  9. Beautiful flower I just love it.


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