Monday, 5 February 2007

Super Bowl Sunday

My sons love football.
Now, to me, football means the players run up and down the field kicking the ball with their feet.
FOOT + BALL = Football. Logical.
Not this kind of football. Mostly the players pick the ball up and run, then fall down, and jump on each other until someone in a striped shirt tells them to stop. And they wear body armour and helmets, the wussies!
Even though both sons have explained the rules to me a kazillion times I'll never get it. I kinda like the tight pants though.
In spite of my complete ignorance of the game, we had a great time at No1Son's house watching the Colts beat the Bears. All the girls were cheering for the Colts because we like teams with horsey names, and let's face it, even though they look cuddly, Bears can be mean.

No1Son had prepared Super Bowl quizzes, score sheets, and devised a football game that included gambling (with quarters) and prizes.

I won this attractive fridge magnet for correctly predicting the 3rd quarter score.

The Space Cadet didn't win a thing!

Food... mmmm lots of it, nachos, cheesy dip, 2 kinds of lasagne, mini grilled cheese, salad, beer, meatballs, cheesecake, chocky cake.

And Sushi!


  1. Sounds like you had a great super Bowl magnet! I like the uniforms too! My spouse was traveling so I didn't have the pleasure of watching grown men fight over a little ball...but the food/snacks are always something to look forward to as well as the commercials. As you guessed I am craft challenged...actually I get in too much of a hurry and fail to read directions.

  2. Sounds like a yummy feast for the Bowl game. Its all about family anyway, isn't it?
    Congrats on winning your prize.

  3. I was already whining about not getting to see the game (because we're in Germany) but was pretty much over it until I just read this post. We LOVE football (mostly college, however, because of having graduated from Michigan--a big football school!) and did miss seeing this big one. Donica wanted the Colts to win and got her wish! :)

    Anyway, the fun and games is what it's all about when it comes to the Superbowl. Sounds like you were a good sport!

    And now I'm gonna add your link to my sidebar. Another Canadian. :)

  4. I actually have never tried sushi before. Is it good? I prefer mexican or chili for Super Bowl Sunday which they dont eat here in London.

    Thanks for your visits and comments on my blog...
    I feel much more rested today than yesterday! :)

  5. Hi, Sounds like you had a good day,although like you its like watching Armoured Rugby, give me (as they say soccer)Football every time.Mind you I'm jealous of the food(Dr put me on a diet)I could Murder some of that.Keep Blogging.

  6. Sushi for a Superbowl snack?!!

    (shaking head in disbelief)

  7. That's a pretty fancy superbowl party! Sushi!? We had chicken wings and chips!! I bet the girls were happy that the Colts won!! It was a good game. What is chocky cake?

  8. The food sounded delicious but like you, I'll never understand those rules! I'll take a baseball game any day over football.

  9. Chocky cake? Just say it out loud.... chocky, chocky, chocolate! And there was a mini peanut butter cup hidden in the centre of each one, now how sinful is that??

  10. I thought it was chocolate cake, but didn't want to assume! If someone ever offers me chocky cake I want to know what I'm getting myself into!!

  11. I take it that was a wild guess, since you were mostly focused on the horse-aspect and not the game at hand?

    And look at that great reward! What is that brown thing with stitching anyway? (Must be a saddle, I reckon.)

  12. That's just not cricket old chap!

    Glad you had fun!!

  13. agree, american football is a bit odd to me. Wonder, then how american handball is played. LoL.

    But you won a prize. Hurray.

    I think after all the best prize was the food. It looks so delicious (you haven't tricked the photo?) my mouth is waterfilled.


  14. Looks like you've assimilated very well into the Super Bowl tradition, even if you can't understand football. Me, I resist! I watched the game for two minutes before giving up and changing the channel!

  15. Haha yeah. Football in America means something different than football in the rest of the world. We Americans call what you all call football "soccer." I have no idea why.


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