Sunday, 23 September 2007

Men at Work - Part 2

Just to clarify the previous post a little bit to those of you without benefit of a British background..... here's the "Hole in the Ground" video.... visuals are poor but at least you can hear the song. It was a huge comedy hit in 1960s Britain. Typical British workmen. Click here.

And Sue of Vintage to Victorian reminded me of Bernard Cribbins' other comedy song "Right Said Fred". Thanks Sue! Click here for a video, this is delightful!

Sorry, I haven't figured out how to upload a video to Blogger yet. I probably need to get the nearest ten year old to help me.


  1. I loaded a video the other to the image icon on the new post you will see the video icon. Just click on that!

    Yes I remember the song! Love Bernard Cribbins.

  2. I'm sure it was a great comedy. Me LOVES me some british humour. It's THE best!

    Uhm. I'm not exactly 10 yrs old, but I can tell you how to upload a video. You tube usually has either an icon.

  3. No advice to get from me, neither on digging holes, nor on blogger technique! Sorry!

  4. Excellent,I remembered all the words too!!!!

  5. I'd never heard either song, but they were great fun, and I'm a softie for the little children. They are too cute!

    I'm flunking out at uploading video to blogger too..even with 'help' from blogger for dummies..

    Oh well, your links worked great!

  6. ha! great songs, not heard them for ages.

  7. Hi I just found your blog and you are from Canada Right? I love the canadian culture,lots of my family is living there (Winnipeg-Ottawa , Ontario and Vancouver )

    So I red about your problem with uploading video's, you first have to make a new account at 'You Tube' ( than upload your video from yourself, or just find a video there on YouTube and post in on your blogger, its shouldn't be that difficult? I did it too (post a video) , and I am not very professional either..

    Do you come to visit my blog?
    Its Dutch/Engish about Holland and my other short trips, or just about my life,

    Hope to see you one day at my blog :)


  8. Yup, my grandson told me how to upload videos.....correctly. So very sorry about the loss of your special dog....they all are special actually if they are ours.


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