Monday, 3 September 2007

¡danza con mí!

Labour Day weekend? September already?
That means it's time for Hispanic Fiesta '07 in Toronto, featuring local & International Hispanic performers representing 20 different Spanish speaking countries.

Hijos del Sol, Andean music from Ecuador.... or was it Peru?

Spanish Flamenco dance by Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Academy, accompanied by a guitar, percussion and a wonderful girl singer.

Anahuac Grupo Folklorico dance troupe representing Nicaragua. Colourful!

The girls were carrying bowls covered with a white cloth as part of their traditional dance. Can anyone explain?

Puro Mexico Ballet Folklorico representing Mexico.

Club Caribe Colombia dance troupe representing Colombia.

Melodia dance troupe representing Bolivia. Fantastic masks and colourful jewelled sparkly costumes.

This is the diablada or devil dance. The diablada is a centuries-old ritual surviving unchanged from colonial days.

The heavy masks have horns, bulging eyes, fangs, long hair and in contrast to the frightening masks, the devils wear sparkling breastplates, silk embroidered shawls, and golden spurs.

This was a devil of a dance!

And they wore boots to die for!


  1. I bet that music stirred everyone up. It's wonderful to hear Latin/South American music.

    You asked if sewing counted as labor. If whatever you did, even cleaning out gutters, was approached as fun, then it wasn't labor! I know this because I cleaned gutters today.

  2. I love the costumes! They are so bright and colorful.

    Hope you had a great time at the festival and ate lots of good food.

  3. Great pictures, love the brightness of them all, looks to have been a stunning day.

  4. This looks like it was FANTASTIC! So colorful and filled with great music and movement! Wonderful pictures!

    Still hot as hell here....I am still just rrying to do nothing!

  5. Spectacular boots and a great ethnic series of pictures. All the colors and different costumes must have been delightful to watch.

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  7. I would have liked to be there! I'm a bit of a fan of flamenco (preferrably when performed at not tourist places). ... and the sound of Peruvian pan flutes (hope to buy one locally next month, for the pleasure of my neighbours).

  8. Oh. Very nice photos. Very intense and colorful.

  9. great - the colours and costumes and movement, looks fabulous.

  10. Must've been a treat, very colourful, fabulous pictures. Can't ask for better entertainment.

  11. I, too, am a fan of Flamenco - and of hispanic/Latin music. I'll bet the sounds you heard matched the colourful costumes.

  12. Wow!

    Hope the appointment goes as you want, so you can get your dancing shoes on! Nearly time to view the dress then! Can't wait!!!

  13. Those Hispanics really know how to be festive, Ex-S! And your pics really show it! I bet you and they both had a blast.

  14. That was a show I would have liked to watch. We allmost never have latino music or Andean music shows here on this side of the Pond.

    Mieeuw - Part 2 is posted,
    Stompa and his Cousins

    Thanks for visiting. The answer to you Q is given

  15. There are so many festivals this time of year! It looks like a great time, and a colourful one, too!

  16. Those are KILLER boots!!

    What a fun event!! I love all the colors. I'm sure it was loud and energetic.

    I enjoy festivals and fairs and parades.

    Muy feliz!!

  17. Those are great photos and it sounds like you had a good time, would of loved to see that. The costumes are great.

  18. My wife is Bolivian. My favorite dance from their culture is not the demon stuff from the carnival, but a courtship dance where a man and a lady twirl a handkerchief to beckon, pursue and flee. It's a beautiful and romantic, but still quite innocent.

  19. those costumes are so awesome!! I've never been to anything like this, but there must be something similar to it here. Hum...I'll have to research that one. Was the food good, too?

  20. Wow! Awesome costumes and pictures!! Looks like a fun time!

  21. I was googling colombian ballet folkloric dancers and your beautiful picture came up.That is a nice shot of a female dancer twirling her dress. I am a graphic designer in Sacramento, CA...and was wondering if I would be able to purchase the rights to the pic. I am working on a flyer for our first annual Colombia's Independence Day Celebration coming up in July. I would only be printing about 1000 flyers and a couple of posters. If you are interested, leave me a message at



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