Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Trembling Aspen

Making the most of the remaining summer, The Space Cadet and I have been out biking through the wild area around the town reservoir.
This stand of Trembling Aspen is a favourite building material for beavers. The leaves flutter in the breeze, giving a trembling effect.
According to Wikipedia, an old tradition says aspen leaves are made from female tongues, and their quivering is due to women's inability to stop talking.
No comment.

The same pic, rendered as an oil painting, courtesy of my photo software.
It looks a bit like a "paint by numbers" masterpiece.

Which version do you like best?


  1. Even though I am a painter, I prefer the "real thing"...Maybe if it were a "real" painting as oppossed to a computerized version of a painting it would be different...! Those are beautiful trees!

  2. I like then both,
    Computerised art is now rightly seen as art. The ablitity to put down on canvas what you like is the same if you use brush or by Pixel.. Saying that I do love oil and water colours the most.

  3. I guess I like the real thing. the 2nd does look like a paint by numbers now that you mention it.
    It is fun to play around with the different treatments. zkeep showing us your work.

  4. I am so glad I came across your blog, it's very interesting.

    As for today's photos, I like both versions a lot.


  5. If I absolutely have to choose, I would also go for the natural version! I liked very much this post including your text!

  6. Well, I like the first photo the best. And that's because I have a wonderful memory of a morning campground in Colorado when the leaves trembled in the morning breeze and the sun shone through those trembling leaves and I woke up absolutely dazzled. This photo brought that memory back with a wallop - I'm dazzled anew.

  7. I like the real one...the blend of the leaves in the computerized one is not clean. Besides you got to touch them and smell the air around the real ones. Can't computerize that.

    Well, everyone seems to like the "real" one as opposed to the computerised version. I agree, the real trees are so vital and alive, but I liked the way the computer took the main colours from the photo and created splodges of colour that represent the shapes of treetrunks and leaves and sky, even if they are a bit paint-by-numbers-ish! Now if only I could learn to create actual paintings like that.... with real paint...!

  9. Aspens are one of my favorite trees! In fact, when I was thinking of a name for my blog/website, I considered Aspen Grace first, but Willow Grace sounds better to me. Love willows too, and now that I clicked on your link, i see that aspens are of the willow family! The things you learn. :)
    There are groves of them near our hideaway and little brings me as much peace and tranquility to be within one of these groves in the fall with the leaves quaking. I get goosebumps whenever I'm walking within these trees.
    With that said, now that you know about my passion for the tree, I must admit that I like the watercolorized one better! I love the artistic edge, the creative flair.
    (I blogged about the neighborhood tree being chopped down and the post includes another way you've inspired me. Thanks for the inspiration!! I'm so glad I met you!)

  10. Hiya, I like the real thing. I am not sure I like Wiki's definition though!

    I loved the festival pictures from the post before. What a wonderful event that must have been

  11. Having painted for years (long ago) I like them both but I like the real life one the most for its sounds, smells and textures I can feel.

    If you haven't seen a tomato horn worm loaded with wasp cocoons, then you might want to take a look at my post today.

  12. I love the painted version. But both are gorgeous.

  13. I like playing with all those possibilities, which softwares give.
    These two pictures are in different series like different dog reeds.
    But I like aspen trees!
    We have here quite a different story about trembling leaves of the aspen :)
    Have a happy weekend!

  14. Oh, I like them both, Ex-S! On my photoblog I often post a photo I have transformed by the watercolor filter. I think this photo wears it well!

    I LOVE aspens--always have, always will--but now I know why. When will I ever be able to stop talking. And why would I want to. :)

  15. I really like the second photo as a painting!


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