Friday, 14 September 2007

Random Thoughts

  • This morning I summoned up the courage to clean out the cupboard under the kitchen sink. Where do all those containers of assorted cleaners come from, and who puts them away after only a couple of squirts?
  • Then I cleaned out the cupboard under the bathroom vanity. More containers missing only one squirt. Intriguing.
  • It couldn't possibly be me doing that, could it?
  • Less than a month to go now to The Wedding. I'm getting nervous.
  • Should I wear my "Camilla Wedding Hat"? Will anyone else be wearing hats?
  • Why am I worrying about anyone else wearing hats???? Just wear it and look stunning!!
  • The clock on my blog always points to 12 noon. It annoys me. I can't change it. Why? Clock update Sept 15... it seems to have healed itself and is now telling the right time!
  • And in fact I can't make any customising changes to my blog. Again, why?
  • This gorgeous fellow was on my screen door this morning. Isn't he beautiful?

  • And this tiny turtle was slowly crossing the bike path at the reservoir. The Space Cadet's Boy Scout training kicked in and he saved the little chap's life by helping him to the other side. YAY Space Cadet!!! (That's his finger in the pic.)


  1. Can't help with your thoughts.. but I love the turtle.

  2. From one turtle to another, that looks like a tiny snapping turtle. Keep it safe!

  3. Little Turtle is cute! I didnt know we had native turtles in Canada..
    My blog has been acting a bit special as well - The other day the font size of one thing was HUGE and I couldn't change it.

    Wear the damn hat. You will look fab.

  4. That clock is crook. It shows 3:15am here and it's actually 5:15pm!

  5. tut-tut already said it, "snapping" turtle. You wouldn't want to pick him up if he was an adult. LOL

    Font sizes can be changed by holding down the "Ctrl" key and pushing down on the "+" or "-" keys. On most PCs. You would have to hold down the equivalent key on the Mac.

    Nice post. Enjoyed it.

  6. Ohhh! Love the little turtle story and photo.

  7. Thanks to you, ExShammickite, I found the courage to clean out one of my cabinets today too. I thought, "if she can do it, I can do it", and then I did. Funny how everyone else focused on the turtle or the clock.

  8. that little turtle is soooooo sweet!

    did you find any spong in your cleaning?

  9. The moth is beautiful all the patrens and different colors great shot. The turtle is really cool to glad he had some help to safety. If you go to my July archive I have a picture of a big moth that was on our window one morning.

  10. All this sounds very much Friday (except the turtle maybe)!

  11. I'm still unpacking boxes from our move. Consequently there are boxes in cupboards waiting to see the light of day. I guess I have to go with your inspiration and tackle a few today. Thanks a lot???

  12. Gosh, you did inspire me. Today I cleaned out the refrigerator and freezer, threw out the stuff I hadn't remembered having. It has to be because of you!

  13. Ugh, it drives me crazy when those cleaners start to pile up under the sink because i always want to make the effort to use less toxic stuff, but then next thing i know, I have 4 bottles of misc. cleaners + scrubbing powders and whips and sponges. Annoying.

  14. I love the way your mind works! :)


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