Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Saying Goodbye

A fluffy three month old golden retriever puppy came to live with us thirteen years ago.

She had already made her TV debut as a Christmas puppy with a big red bow on a Black’s Cameras ad.

She had a big back yard to run in, and two boys who took her everywhere.
She loved to swim in the town reservoir.
She chased those pesky squirrels. She never caught one.
She spent four (or was it five?) summers at Camp Bellaleo with YoungerSon.

When OlderSon and The Equestrienne moved to their two acre “country estate” she moved with them.

She was gentle and patient even when small rambunctious nieces and nephews climbed all over her.

She had a good life.
She was a good dog.
She was the very best.

August 1 1994 – September 17 2007.


  1. Wow. I am so sorry to read this sad story. It is heartbreaking to lose a dog and to me it was awful. We had our Autumn Eve for 13 years and made the decision to put her down. It was horrible to have to do that and we both cried about it. I still miss her a lot and every time we go away and come home I half expect her to be there waiting on us. I also think of her every evening when I walk in the room to sit down and watch the news.

    Someone sent me a link to the Rainbow Bridge when they heard we lost our Autumn and I remember it was a real tear jerker but I also think it helped me a lot. I have the link here for you to copy and paste.


    What can I say. Nothing will make you feel better. I can just say that you had thirteen years with someone who loved you as you are and no questions were asked. What a blessing that time was to you and to your family.

    Abe and Patty

  2. Thank you Abe and Patty. She was a VERY special dog. She let us know what to do when the time came. We were with her at the end, holding her and hugging her.

  3. I'm so sorry to read about Wendydog...I came across the Rainbow Bridge on another blog recently and it brought tears to my eyes. She shared some wonderful times with you and your family. It must be heartbreaking to say goodbye.

    Marie x

  4. Soooo very sorry to read that you lost your beloved doggie...In some ways loosing a dear sweet pet, is worse than any other loss. The unconditional love that one recieves from these dear caring delightful pets, the loss---such heartbreak, And, in my view, the loss cannot truly be measured. My deep condolnces, my dear.

    About The Emmys: I am pretty much confined to my home because of health issues, so THAT, and the fact that unless you are nominated for something and have GREAT seats...you are better off seeing and watching, at home. (lol)

    I went to The Emmys, many years ago, a few times....BUT they were The Creative Arts night and in a way, it was much more "gemultich"(?)...One time it was because I was nominated, and that WAS exciting...(I did not win...) And the other times I went with people who were nominated...It was fun back then..No Red Carpet, No Big Deal....It was kind of like a BIG Family getting together, but ALL dressed up!
    I'm happy to see it on TV now and at home now in the comfort of my bedroom...(LOL)

  5. So sorry to hear about Wendydog. She was indeed special and blessed based on your description of her life.

  6. When we lose our dearest companions, we lose a little of our hearts.

  7. this is sad. golden retrievers are great dogs.

  8. Thanks Mum.

    She will always be that little puppy in that picture for me. I love Wendy and I will miss her forever. The country estate feels so empty now. Those pictures of our precious girl are making me cry.

  9. I am so very very sorry for your and your family's loss of your beloved pet and family member. My heart always pours with sympathy whenever I read about a friend who loses their pet. She was so very loved and the photos are shining with her affection for you all too.

  10. I'm so sorry for your loss! Wendydog sounds like a very special dog; so very gentle, kind and fun too! It's good to see that she had such a wonderful life for 13 long years. And she was such a lovely looking dog too. Love the pic of her as a puppy, simply adorable!

    You and your family were very lucky to share your home and heart with such a terrific companion!!!

    It's sad though, heartbreaking in fact, when we lose our pets, been there, done that.

    Sweet Wendydog, rest in peace!

  11. I'm so so sorry, and do understand what you're all going through. We lost Rosie, our mad black collie-cross, at the age of 13½. She used to grin at everyone she liked, and wagged her tail enough to send the dust flying. She was such fun. It was unexpected in that she had a stroke, but we were so relieved that Hannah had come to see us that day and was there. A sad day we'll never forget. As you will never forget your day, but in time the memories of the fun and love that exuded from your beloved Wendydog will ease the pain.

    Hugs to you all.

  12. I read this with tears in my eyes. As dog owners we are all too aware of the goodbyes. Indeed I lost my faithful companion, Max a few days before Christmas 2006. I look back to the many photographs I took and know he had a good life, right to the very end. I still miss him. We have Wilma and Elsie, but Max was my protector and I miss him. However, in the end I did what I had to for Max and he knew he was loved. ((((HUGS)))) from us all.

  13. I am so sorry, it is so sad to lose a favourite friend especially a four legged one. But what wonderful memories you shall have of happier days {{hugs}}

  14. You have got already many beautiful words and I can agree with all their
    Our Cavalier King Charles`s Spaniel
    died in Wendy`s age about ten years ago. It took four years before I was able to take a new puppy - Kiki, Golden Retriever.
    Warm thoughts to you and your family,
    Leena and Kiki

  15. I'm so sorry to read this sad news. Wendydog had a wonderful life with you and the family, I'm sure.

    I know how much you'll miss her...

  16. I am so sorry to read this. My deepest condolences.

  17. It's very tough to lose your dog, like losing anyone near to you!

    We - actually officially it was my daughter's dog - lost ours last year (at 14). She got help to die and, like you did, we were there trying to make it as soft and easy as possible for her. Actually, she faded away so softly and nicely that I somehow thought that if I could get the same "help", when time comes, it would be great. Such "help" is allowed in some countries, but it's of course morally much to be discussed.

  18. I am so sorry. It is very difficult to lose a faithful companion,I know I have had dogs all my life and have been through this many times but that doesn't make it any easer, They are a part of the family like Wendydog. Just remember all the good times your family had with her,what a faithful friend and companion she was, and her unconditional love. Again I am truly sorry for your loss. Lloyd,Ranger, Tasha, and Murray.

  19. I have tears in my eyes, Ex-S. I didn't know Wendy, except through your words and photos. But I always felt a kinship to her, as though she were in my extended family.

    She will live forever in your/our hearts! Thanks for giving such a beautiful tribute to her!

  20. I very fitting tribute to a wonderful looking dog, sadness at a pets loss is as great as any sadness and needs working through just the same.

  21. Oh, I'm so sad for your family's loss of such a long time friend. Dogs become part of the family, and the memories with them are so sweet.
    She loved and was loved.
    What a pretty dog!

  22. It is so hard to lose a beloved pet; they are so much more than an animal. They are so much of part of you, it's like losing a bit of yourself. Take care!

  23. Well, at least she had a wonderful doglife - and that is what we are to give our pets - It's allways hard when our pets die - we miss them so much.

  24. A good dog is a wonderful thing. May you always enjoy the happiest memories of Wendydog.

  25. REPLY ALL:
    Many many thanks to you, my internet friends, for your kind thoughts about our Wendy.
    She was indeed a special dog and we will always keep her memory close to our hearts. I see that many of you have lost a tresured pet, so you know how much they can become a part of the family. You have spoken of Autumn Eve, and Rosie, and Max, and Peter's daughter's dog, and Leena's Spaniel.... they give us such pleasure and they offer unconditional love and trust.
    We'll miss Wendy, but we know that it was her time to go, and we helped her when she needed us.
    Thank you, everyone.

  26. A beautiful and very touching tribute about your "best friend". I'm sorry for your family loss and remember the good times.

  27. I am so sorry to read about your Wendydog.....I know she will be missed.....

  28. Reading Max's name. there above with the other stars makes me proud of the life we gave him and makes me realise how much I miss my boy!


  29. I haven't been to your blog for a while, and when I came today, I read your sad news. I'm sorry for the loss of your dog. She lived a good, long life, didn't she. Thinking of you. That is a hard thing.

  30. What an especially beautiful Dog that Wendydog is, I'm sorry for your loss.

  31. I am SO sorry to hear of Wendydog's passing. I know what pain it is to lose a beloved pet.

    I only had my Barney for two years and I howled for days when he died suddenly.

  32. OH, I'm so sorry to hear about the lost. She was very cute and looks so soft.

    My former dog became way over 14 year before he left us. It's tough, since they really are family members. Very good old friends.

    The only comfort is in knowing that they had a good life :-)

  33. We are definitely an animal family and have had several wonderful dogs spend their lifetime with us. When each of them died, we vowed that we would not do it again because owning a dog and losing it after its relatively short life was far too difficult. The house and our lives were much too empty after their departure, and, of course, we did it again and again! Our last dogs have been rescue dogs, and we never could figure out how anyone could give each of them up. We now have Maggi, our 4th of July dog and EVERYONE loves her!! After all this, I just want to say that I know how much you must miss you own beautiful dog. We try to remember the joy and pleasure that our dogs give us, and that does help blunt the pain, especially when you realize how loved and treasured your dog must have felt in your household!!

  34. Hi This is where I am afraid of also but its whats gonna happen for sure, with YOUR DOG , all dogs, and my dog, her name is IOS (a swiss mountain dog now 8 years)

    So sorry you lost your little dogfriend, I hope you had some good 3 years with her , Your Wendy!!!

    HUGHS JoAnn :)
    Wendy is in the DOGS HEAVEN :)

  35. Wendy was doghood at its very best. So sorry for your loss, but happy for all the wonderful times you and your family shared with her.

    m.e. from dc

  36. I am so sorry to read about Wendydog. I agree with Annie, "when we lose our dearest companions, we lose a little of our hearts". Sounds she was adorable and she was very loved for all the family and had a lovely life. Warm hugs to you and your family.

  37. I have again tears on my eyes reading this post.
    Wendydog looks so sweet and adorable!
    Yes, she had a good life with you and your family.


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