Thursday, 10 January 2008


Some people love to be the centre of attention, we all know one or two, don't we, always telling jokes or slipping on banana peels. Does this apply to cats too?

Leon doesn't know he's a cat. He thinks he's a stand-up comedian. He's convinced himself that his mission in life is to entertain an adoring public.

Leon was a wild cat. He was taken in by an elderly lady, but when she moved to a retirement home a few years ago, she was only allowed to bring two cats, and Leon was number three, so he came to live with OlderSon and The Equestrienne as JoJo's step-brother.

He's expert at falling off the bed, falling off chairs, falling off knees, falling off anything. He can turn somersaults on the carpet, and make funny noises at the same time. And the more you look at him, the more he loves to go though his roly-poly vaudeville routine.

Quite a character. What he really wants is a booking at Yuk-Yuks.
First two phots by OlderSon... see, I give credit where credit is due!


sheoflittlebrain said...

Lovely kitty pix! Leon makes me think of a much loved cat, Tigger, that belonged to my son. Are Jojo's eyes really that blue or was it a trick of light?

Old Wom Tigley said...

Leon the Star...
Well I'm smiling at your pictures and how you have wrote so nicely about him..
A very nice thoughtful post.. and happy as well.

dabrah said...

What a contrast between the first two pictures of Leon. He does look funny in the snow.

tut-tut said...

What in the world would we do without cats?? Love the picture of Leon in the snow.

imac said...

:) and its a very big grin too, love the photos and love the story.

photowannabe said...

I didn't think cats liked the snow. Obviously Leon hasn't read the manual..Really cute shots.

lettuce said...

ah he is so so sweet

rosemary said...

Ok, too cute....that is one adorable cat. He looks a lot like a small Mimi

dot said...

I love your cat pictures especially the one in the snow.

Squirrel said...

I love kitties ... Leon sounds so lovable,

Nyack is 15 miles north of NYC on the Hudson River
it is also called Nyack-on-Hudson. It is across the river from Sleepy Hollow. (The Tappan Zee Bridge brings you right into Nyack.)

Squirrel said...

Re: Katrina cats and dogs--for awhile anyone could go to Louisiana and pick up these animals. some families took their kids in the car and drove down, bringing back a pet. and some went two in a van and brought back six cats at a time, one guy drove down and picked up 4 dogs, and that was how the animals came to live in Nyack. Nyackers are activists like that--they will drive thousands of miles to bring home a sick cat-- guess that makes them cat - activists.

Annie said...

It would be easy to fall in love with Leon.

Ming the Merciless said...

OMG, the first photo is totally adorable!! Leon is definitely a character!

Isadora said...

:) I'll have to put mine up - Ferko looks so much like Leon and last week I managed similar pictures of his royal highness. :)

Oswegan said...

Cat in snow = not happy

funny though


lorenzothellama said...

Happy New Year Shammy!

What a fabulous cat. He looks like my long dead cat Splat. She was a character too and had no sense of balance. She too was always falling out of trees and the pretending she had done it on purpose.

I love cats so much. Scaredy sends his love to Leon.


Peter said...

Any specific rewards given to him after his performances?

Ash said...

So cute!

Ginnie said...

That's so funny, Ex-S. Created to bring a laugh to all who notice. I like that. :)

Craver Vii said...

Way to go, Leon! He gives new meaning to "cat jokes."

Cathrine said...

you are lucky to have this in your life :-)
I envy you
hubby is allergic !

Xtreme English said...

sweet widdle kitty! i can't have cats cuz i'm allergic to them, but i love reading about all the cats in so many, many blogs! do you think there are more CATS or DOGS in blogging households? has anyone ever done any research on this??

Martin Stickland said...

Love that last photo with the sunlight on parts of his face. reminds me of Tabby (who came from Westminster Abbey) one of my Mum and Dads old cats.

Xtreme English said...

Having no way to email this, I'm sending it here. This is a poem, "Too Much Snow," by Louis Jenkins that was on today's Writers Almanac. Needless to say, I laughed out loud and thought of you when I read it.

Too Much Snow

Unlike the Eskimos we only have one word for snow but we have a
lot of
modifiers for that word. There is too much snow, which, unlike rain,
does not
immediately run off. It falls and stays for months. Someone wished for
snow. Someone got a deal, five cents on the dollar, and spent the
entire family
fortune. It's the simple solution, it covers everything. We are never
with the arrangement of the snow so we spend hours moving the snow from
place to another. Too much snow. I box it up and send it to family and
I send a big box to my cousin in California. I send a small box to my
She writes "Don't send so much. I'm all alone now. I'll never be able
to use so
much." To you I send a single snowflake, beautiful, complex and
different from all the others.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Well you know this is my favorite part where there is kittie stories mine are having a good time i think I know Princess is after finding herself a boyfriend, or maybe he found her cause he sure loves to kiss her LOL
Great photos

madretz said...

I wanna meet Leon!

Ming the Merciless said...

How cute is that!?!?!?!