Monday, 17 May 2010

One Thing Leads to Another....

Back last October I tore up the stained old indoor/outdoor carpet in the sunroom, and it looked like this:

But as there's no heat in the sunroom in the winter, it stayed looking like that. Can't glue carpet down in the freezing cold. Finally, the weather is warm enough to get the carpet people in.

And here is the finished product. I'm very pleased with it. (Just in case you are wondering, the bottle is there to hold the glass door open.) But unfortunately the electric staple gun was a bit too powerful for my electrical wiring and it blew a breaker in the basement panel. I went to the panel to reset the switch but......

........ it turned out not to be the breaker, but something had come adrift in the wall as half of the circuit was working and half was dead as a doornail. So, next step.... call an electrician. And worry until he arrives. And this is the result.

He's located the problem... a home wiring job gone horribly wrong in the switch for the laundry room lights and he's been here most of the day fixing it. He even found a couple of loose wires in the panel that I wasn't aware of. Hooray! But I know it's going to cost me mega$$$$.

Later: The lights are working again and the financial damage wasn't too bad, but now I have a big hole in the wall to repair and paint! As I said before, one thing leads to another....


  1. Hi, I get the home renovations and not knowing what is going to come next ... we used to have an old house than when you tinkered with the plumbing upstairs ~ it leaked in the basement.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog ~ I am very new to this and really appreciate the response.
    Barbara in Oakville

  2. Yes, I'm sure your electrician will cost you some dollars, but it's a lot better than a fire, isn't it. That's probably a blessing in disguise since it showed up osme more problems.

    Enjoy your room.

  3. Oh brother, what a pain. I'm glad you found the problem before something really bad happened. Its amazing how one thing always tends to lead to another. By the way the carpet looks like it will make the room so cozy and enjoyable.
    Incidentially I think the calla lillies are usually white and the canna are usually a red or burnt orangy color.

  4. It is ALWAYS something! Or as my dear departed friend Ken J. use to say..."If it isn't one thing, It's TEN..." !!!! How true.
    I cannot imagine what the cost of that New Wiring will cost....But, safety first, right? RIGHT!

  5. It's never just one job.. ever. But your sun room looks wonderful and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

  6. It looks great and I hope all the efforts. I gather, from your experience and ours, that home improvement whether minor or major, never ever ends.

  7. I know you'll enjoy a fresh room! One good thing about the expense of dealing with this stuff, is the finished room.

    during a thunderstorm last week, a big tree fell-- luckily only part of it just brushing against on our wilderness cabin--no damage except it knocked into the electric meter --now it's off-kilter and it shut everything down. -- not too pricey to repair, but still a drag. I admire electricians. I would never want to work with electricity.

  8. Holy... that electrical panel is monstrous. I wouldn't go within five feet of it. I'd be afraid it would reach out and shock me :-)

  9. WOW...great looking sun room and what a mess of spaghetti masquerading as electrical stuff.

  10. Things usually happen despite our efforts to try and control the situation. Btw, I do love the carpet!

  11. Your sun room carpet looks great! What a lovely room for summer. And it's probably just as well that you found out now rather than later, about the electrical problem and had that fixed. Thanks for your nice comments!

  12. I'm glad the electrical issues were solved.
    Why is it that when we do a job we usually make a job..?

    It will be worth it when you are finished..1

  13. I like what you've done with that room. It looks like a nice place to sit and visit.

  14. Hi,
    Thank you, first for the news on the lilacs ... which explains so much of my own mother's behavior. Mind you I don't normally bring them inside as we get too many uninvited quests.
    These pieces are small ~ the three all mounted together would be about 20 x 10. I paint the muslin first ~ then add thin layers of rovings ~ the stitch is the last part of the design and colour layering. I am so very glad you are interested. I am working on larger pieces as well but they do take longer to finish.
    Barbara in Oakvile


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