Sunday, 30 May 2010

Party Animal!

Whenever another birthday arrives, everyone comments on how fast the year has flown by, and especially so when it's a Very Important First Birthday. Little Isaac is celebrating being a Citizen of the World for a whole year.
And to mark this auspicious occasion, there was a special family party this weekend in YoungerSon's back yard, and his clever Auntie J created a very special dinosaur cake.

Chocolate buttons for spots, chocolate chips for toenails and Hershey kisses for those scary spikes all along his back. But how could he look scary with that friendly smile on his face?
Isaac needed a little bit of help from his mummy when it came to blowing the candle out.

He was offered a handful of dinosaur tail before the cake was cut, but when his fingers sunk into the soft icing, he screamed blue murder and desperately tried to wipe the icing off..... he's never touched anything that squishy and green before.
But once he discovered that it tasted pretty good, he soon cheered up!

And then it was time for the prezzies. Lots of them too. He told me that the best part was ripping the paper up.

Isaac had a terrific time at his party with all his cousins and second cousins and uncles and aunties and Grandma and Grandpa and Nana and great grandparents and friends and babies and kids. He wishes he could have a party like that every day!
In Isaac's words.... "WOW!"


  1. Goodness, it only seems like last week that YoungerSon got married!

  2. How does time fly by so fast! Man! I love it for you, Sham, that you are geographically present for these important milestones. He's such a cutie-pie.

  3. We are all happy to be grandparents! ... and with right!

  4. I cannot believe it is a whole year since little Isaac was born....HAPPY HAPPY HIRTHDAY, DEAR ISAAC....And how lucky he is to have such a Big Loving Family....AND, What a WONDERFUL Cake! Such a unique and wonderful idea for a First Birthday.
    Adorable pictures, my dear. He is as cute as a button!!!

  5. Good to hear from you.
    It looks like that was a great party ... my little neighbour has just turned one. It is a wonderful time! I was wondering how your house was going?
    Thanks, for visiting me again and your comments!

  6. He's adorable.. and that cake is very creative. Happy Birthday, little guy! :)

  7. oh he is such a cutie, and I love that's a shame they can't stay like that forever.....


  8. One year old already. And what a fabulous cake.

  9. Aunt Jess' cake is perfect!!

    I got a good laugh out of his initial reaction to smooshing his fingers in the cake, but I'm glad he overcame it right away.

    Isaac sure is a handsome little man. Those are great expressions you captured.

  10. My Mom had this wonderful cookbook when I was kid - a pamphlet, really, but a large pamphlet - cover to cover filled with wonderful cakes in the shapes of various animals, and how to make them. I would look at it on a regular basis, wondering what it would be like to eat a horse or a bunny or a turtle. I have never yet made one of those types of cakes, and it's damn well time for me to do so. I shall go home and attempt to find that book (pamphlet) and make one this weekend. Thanks for the spur!

  11. Love the shape of the cake.

    Ah, how soon they figure out frosting tastes GOOD!

  12. Great birthday pictures. Isn't it funny how some kiddos react to new textures. Mine did that over the grass in the lawn. They hated the feel of it.

  13. Oops, I forgot to say how clever the cake was. Really cute.

  14. What a cute litte boy and the cake looks awesome!

  15. Happy Birthday Isaac!
    You look beautiful and adorable!


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