Saturday, 17 January 2009

Longjohn weather!

This morning just before 8:00am in my sunroom at the back of the house. No sun. No heat. And it's even colder outside.

Positively balmy compared with the -24C we have endured for the past 2 nights.
At least it's warm indoors.

But 250,000 people in Toronto lost electricity for 24 hours during one of the coldest nights of the winter, and had to find other ways to keep warm. Thankfully the power has been restored now. But at the cost of more than just a few burst water pipes.


  1. I think you have to amend your Post Title: Longjohn, Parka, Hats, Scarves, Ear Muff Weather! Wow.

  2. blimey o'reilly

    i think we in london need to stop moaning about the cold here....
    we know NOTHING!

  3. Golly Sham, haven't you guys heard about global warming? It's about time you guys got with the program!
    Were you without electricity? That's got to be scary in the dangerous cold.

  4. And people around the Globe believes it's cold in Norway.
    WELL for the past week we've had between + 9 and - 13 C.
    Today around - 1C.
    But there is large varieties here:
    From + 7 to - 35 C.

    If you want, you are free to comment a Wall Painting from Bocca in Buenos Aires: Simply a Hat

  5. Our weather has been in the mid 20's the last few days. That's plus by the way.

    I've never seem a gauge that goes from -60 to +120.

  6. Hi, Well all i can say is you are more than welcome to keep that sort of weather over there.Being without Electricity reminds me of back a good few years in the Strikes when power was off for up to 18 hours at a time, mind you temperatures were nowhere near as cold as that over here!!!.

  7. Oh, it's cold alright! Brrrrr! I hadn't heard about the power failure in Toronto. Yuk.
    Waiting for spring.......

  8. I feel your pain....literally!!

    It's been so cold here in NYC that I'm miserable. And I like cold!

  9. It's above zero here in Nyack-- I wouldn't want to lose electricity unless I had a fireplace or wood stove- our gas connections all have electric switches :(
    burst pipes are very sad and bad

    I predict a warm up will eventually happen---!
    hopefully the old January thaw ...

  10. I just checked the current weather conditions here, and it's 18 degrees! we ARE warming up--last night at this time it was 4 degrees F. snowing lightly too.

  11. Gday Shammickite, Just popped in from Bobs,
    BRRRRRRRR its Cold there maybe I should say freezing..I hope your home is warming up now your power has been restored.We had 32c + 90f today tomorrow forecast 39c= about 102f and tuesday forecast low 40s 105+fphewww getting hotter as the weak goes on..

  12. It's been bitter cold, but then again, we have that every winter - at least for a bit. Keep warm!

  13. Wait for the increase in new babies in 9 months time lol!!!

  14. Yes, that sure was a terrible 24 hours for some in Toronto!

  15. Oh, Brrrr that's too darn cold. Glad you were warm and cozy inside and not in Toronto. Poor people.


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