Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Father's Day, Red Hats, and a Sunset

Breaking away from the Alphabet theme again (only Y and Z to go, folks!), Sunday was Father's Day.
The Space Cadet and his younger son D headed for Timber Creek, the local driving range.

I joined them, and hit a few balls, but Tiger Woods has nothing to fear from me! I don't think I was cut out to hit a little white ball into a hole, unless of course, you're talking about Mini-Putt, I'm pretty good at that!

D was fully equipped with golf shoes and a golf bag full of expensive clubs, obviously a keen golfer. He and his brother are planning to take The Space Cadet out for 18 holes next weekend.

D could whack that ball for miles, The Space Cadet wasn't quite as skillful, but he hadn't played for ages.... or at least that was his excuse. I thnk they'd better rent a golf cart next weekend for sure.

A fun way to spend a sunny Sunday Father's Day afternoon.

Well, that was the excitement on Sunday.... on Monday the Whistle Stop Red Hat Ladies met at Janette's for a Strawberry Tea! I wish I had taken photos of all the strawberry treats.... so yummy! Janette's husband has a strawberry farm.... more about that in the future.

Every year the Red Hat Banner is presented to a deserving Red Hatter.... here's Queenie making the presentation speech...

.... and here's the recipient for this year, our lovely hostess Janette.

And tonight.... Tuesday.... a huge violent thunderstorm, and then a wonderful sunset.

Back to the Alphabet theme tomorrow!


  1. we had flash floods in some part of Kuala Lumpur on June, 10... This happens annually due to geographic reasons and an inefficient drainage system... Many people would have lost their vehicles as city centre car parks are mostly underground. I doubt that the insurance companies would be willing to pay up on all the loses...

  2. Lovely way to spend fathers day, if you like golfing that is!!! Younger son is a bit fit!!!!!!
    runs away blushing!!! (well I might be married but theres no harm in looking!!!!!!!)

  3. A nice break from the alphabet!

    Only two letters left. (In the Swedish alphabet there would still be three more after the Z, but my French keyboard doesn't have them, so I cannot show.)

  4. Lovely red sunset to go with all the red hatted ladies!

  5. So you had a wonderful father's day with your family. Nice to know about it.

  6. What a cheerful post again!
    and Peter said about Swedish letter, but we have three letters after yours :) if I write them here, you can note see them of course, so I could take a photo of them and put it on my post :)Perhaps I will do it some day!
    I wish you pleasant days with your family.

  7. Some lovely images here!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  8. I wish I was there to join the red hatters. I love that poem by the way! My golf would be like yours if I played!

    Thanks for your message - I so hope the original turns up. It's oh so annoying when that happens, isn't it, especially when it's something you know the other person is going to love!!!

    That's life in blogland I suppose!
    Sue x

  9. sounds like a great couple of days! Dontcha just love the summer months and there's so much going on and everyone is happy? :)

    PS:glad to hear that you're gonna play the memegame - i had figured that if you were then it would be after the alpha posts. Besides, it's summer and there are just oh so many other fun things to blog about!

  10. Good form there girl. Looks like everyone had fun...love the red hat banner.

  11. Fun photos. I am a member of the Crimson Crones Red Hat Club in my town. Its fun to dress up and be silly sometimes.

  12. Sorry, but I've tagged you for a meme. :p

  13. great series of pictures, nice in-swing action shots too! nice shots!

  14. What a great day to spend fathers day "FOUR!"

    I love the red hat ladies idea!

    Do you know that as I walked passed the old swing boats on Woolacombe beach last night I thought to myself "Oh, the swing boats are still there!"

  15. i love summer storms - thats a great picture.

  16. I love the quilts in the photo. The ladies did a fabulous job.

    The Space Cadet and D make a lovely father and son photo.

  17. That was a really nice looking quilt pattern. And the golf, well i only tried it once and all i ended up with was a blister.


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