Saturday, 9 June 2007

Update on the Seven Wonders of Canada

The Judges at CBC have made their decisions and have declared the Seven Wonders of Canada to be:

Go to any of the above sites and scroll down to Photo Gallery for some great pics.


  1. I've always wanted to visit Niagara Falls. Do you agree with the list??? ;o)

  2. Did this correspond to the answers you received and of course, as belinda already asked, to your own list?

    All beautiful things, but shouldn't the West Coast be better represented?

  3. The criteria used by the judges to decide on the seven final winners were:
    1. Essential 'Canadian-ness' - historically significant, character filled, valued.
    2. Originality/uniqueness of the pitch and place.
    3. Spectacular physical site or amazing human creation.
    4. Ability to inspire.
    5. Range within the final seven - diversity of location, type of wonder.
    6. Results of the online vote by Canadians.

    I was surprised to see "Wonders' chosen that are NOT specific places, such as The Canoe and The Igloo, but both have had a profound influence on the country of Canada. But Prairie skies??? Hmmm, not sure about that one. Rockies and Niagara Falls are definite YESs, the same with Pier 21 and Old Quebec.
    But I would have liked to see Gros Morne on the list.

  4. Well i think they are all wonderful, The Niagra Falls is just breath taking, somewhere i had a photo of Niagra Falls with it being frozen over, now that is spectacular to see.

  5. I enjoyed looking at all the winning sites. Fascinating and a beautiful country.

  6. I agree with #4 of your response....they are AWE inspiring. How are the invitations coming?

  7. Hello and good Sunday wishes to you!
    I think, I will visit to your "Wonders" next autumn, when it`s getting dark here.They looks worth visiting!
    With best wishes, Leena

  8. Where in Queens did you stay when you were in NYC -- the one near the train?

  9. How lovely what a great choice.

  10. yay! I've seen 4 of the 7!


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