Thursday, 14 June 2007

W is also for Wendy

When the hot weather strikes, dogs get hot (and stinky)!

Wendy is our family's Golden Retriever, the best dog that ever lived!
She'll be 13 years old on August 1st, and lives with OlderSon and his beloved, The Equestrienne, on their country estate (well, it's only 2 acres but we like to refer to it that way).
In the past year, we have noticed that Wendy's losing her eyesight, and is almost totally deaf, although she can still pick up the rustling of candy wrappers at twenty paces.

Poor Wendydog.... she feels so sorry for herself in the hot weather and has to lay on the tile floor and stick her tongue out to stay cool.

But a trip the the Doggy Beauty Parlour can work wonders for a hot dog. A nice scented shampoo, a total body shave and a smart new Canada Maple Leaf kerchief round her neck and she feels (and smells) like a 6 month old puppy again.

Doggy Photos courtesy of OlderSon.


  1. Its so hot here at my son's house. Today it was 102 F. I could use some of that special spa treatment.

  2. awwwe, great photos of the family pet.

    btw, if you'd like to play, especially now that your alpha posts are drawing to an end, i tagged you on a meme on my blog. I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Greetings from our Kiki to Wendy.
    Last summer was too hot also here to Kiki, but I have never thought that - cut her hair! Is she really happy, no suffer about this being "naked"?

    Happy days to Wendy and her family too :)

  4. Awww. What a precious creature! She is one gorgeous dog! And I do like her name. :)

  5. Wendy is soo cute. I really like her with short hair. She must feel much better.

  6. Some nice shots & the dog does look cute after the parlour treatment!

    Thanks for your comments... yes, our Wendy is THE BEST dog! She lived here when she was younger and the boys were at home, but moved the the "country estste" with OlderSon when he bought his house 5 years ago.
    Leena: She has been shaved every June for many years, and loves it! And her hair grows back in time for the cold winter weather. Show the pic to Kiki and see what she thinks!

  8. I thought you were playing a joke on us! Being owned by a golden once, I recognized the breed in the top photo, of course. But the bottom looked like a real 6 months old labrador puppy!
    I never thought you could shave a golden...
    Big hug to Wendy! Hope she enjoys her golden years for a long time yet...

  9. A dog like you have, is one of the few I really love.
    Where we live during wintertime, I really do feel we are living in the mid of a "Kennel" - I feel so so sorrow for all the dogs - yeas I hear their screeming all day long when I work form home.

    That's why we have ended up with Manx Cats.

    However - I have more passions than blogging -one is reading - so while waiting for to upload to be completed - I do read. Not watching TV - but reading - and even sometimes writing (pro).

    But i disguest waiting times.

    Have s splendid weekend

    PS.Hope I can see the word verification code...

  10. I see that you doubled the W. Wendy is certainly worth it!

  11. oh my goodness! how did she like being shaved???

  12. Bet Wendy wishes that scarf covered a bit more! Violet loves getting detailed, Penelope...umm not so much. She tugs at the scarf with her teeth until she has it shredded and I take it off.

  13. Aaahh lovely dog and she looks as 'pwetty as a pikture'

    My dog has asked for her email address please (he likes an older woman!)

  14. My goodness looks like 2 different dogs!! Are you sure you don't have 2????????

  15. Beautiful pooch! I can't help but smile whenever I see a Golden. They just look like big, sloppy hugs waiting to happen.

  16. REPLY ALL:
    I'm glad you all like the "before" and "after" pics of our Wendydog. I think she really looks forward to being shaved every summer. She behaves well at the Doggy Spa and stands very still while all the beautification is going on. And she's so much cooler!

  17. Everyone needs a spa day once in awhile, even Wendy.


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