Thursday, 7 June 2007

U is for ..... Untitled!

I bet you're thinking "Hmmm, how pathetic, she can't think of a title that starts with U. That alphabet theme is getting the better of her." Well, you're WRONG!

There's a Sculpture Walk along the river, and this is one of the exhibits. It's title is UNTITLED created from cast aluminum, sheathed copper and concrete by Ted Bieler in 1983.

According to the local Library, the official description is:

Perched on a small hill the upward force and movement in Ted Bieler's piece is accentuated. The sculpture consists of two cone-like shapes that ripple with activity. Many images come to mind including lightning bolts and energy waves. The colour of the painted copper also derives its sources from nature revealing the power and mysticism of flowing water or the sky.

Now, if I was going to create a scuplture that reflected lightning bolts and energy waves, power and mysticism rippling with activity, I'm sure I could think up a name a little more descriptive than UNTITLED.

What would YOU call it?

Update Saturday June 9 2007:
Thanks for all your bright suggestions. I googled Ted Bieler, and found a picture of this specific piece, and it seems to be called "Towers" so perhaps it's not "Untitled" after all!


herhimnbryn said...

Not sure what I'd call it. Not sure if it appeals even, but I do like the element of surprise it provides:)

Ming_the_Merciless said...

I would call it "shiver me timber" because of the appearance and it's in a park.

If I were trying to be corny, I would say, "You make my legs weak!"

rosemary said...

Not exactly my taste but maybe Mutt and Jeff?

Nappy hair is African American/Black hair...a pain in the you know what to deal with.

Caligraphy no less... you are quite the talented lady!

Annie said...

"Make your point" is what I'd call it, I think.

Chandler said...

I would call it Element. The way it's media was manipulated, it resulted in such a way that it invokes a variety of energies making it pretty striking but also very balanced. *shrug*

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hope we'll get to see the 'C' for calligraphy - will that be under 'W' for wedding? Thanks for passing by. Things have been quite quiet the last few days ... worrying!!

Peter said...

You made a nice story of the "Untitled"!!

Maybe I would leave it untitled. I have met some painters and other artists lately and when I try to ask for the explanations of what they have produced, I sometimes believe I should not have asked. Either I like what I see or I don't and then maybe the title or the explanation "why" is not needed? Make your own explanation!

We may not always like all we see of modern art, but anyhow it needs to be encouraged!

Sheila said...

I'm not sure what I'd call it. It reminds me of those giant termite hills you see in National Geographic..!

tut-tut said...

The way you've photographed it, it almost looks like a U--or am I reading that into it?

Ginnie said...

This reminds me of all the pics on my photoblog from people who leave the title blank. It then defaults to "Untitled." :)

There may be value in not naming some things so that our imagination will "get the best of us!"

Beverly said...

Good morning, thanks for the comment. Yes, she's determined. Ella's going to need a lot of determination in her journey with CF. She's gotten off to a great start, however. Thanks for coming by.

I realize it has been a few days since I last stopped by when I saw you're on the letter "u".

Becky Scarrott said...

Hi! I'm so sorry for my lack of correspondance, the ship email's been so slow of late, I'm in France now and it's a little better. Hmmmm...I'd have called the sculpture Blueshock or BluesBrothers, I like it, but as you say, I'da named it some mo better! Thankyou for staying in touch! So, we stay onboard for 4 to 5 months and then get one PAID month off, my hols come round on July 18th, but I'll be going to Montreal with my man for 10 days (yeah!) before going back to London, I'm very excited. I love the theme you have going, too

CanadianSwiss said...

They look to me like blue daggers that came out from underneath and didn't "quite" made it through the rock.

I kinda like ming's name, though.

photowannabe said...

To Reach the Unreachable Star.
Not my taste in sculpture but a good shot none the less.

Ex-Shammickite said...

Hi everyone:
Thanks for all your bright suggestions. I googled Ted Bieler, and found a picture of this specific piece, and it seems to be called "Towers" so perhaps it's not "Untitled" after all!