Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Byebye 2008, Hello 2009.

Only one more day until I can wave goodbye to 2008. So many good things to look back on.... performing in our local Variety Show in April, a trip to England in June, and a vacation in Florida in October.

For me, the highlight of 2008 was the birth of my gorgeous grandson, Callum, in February.

But 2008 hasn't been good to everyone. Lost jobs, shrinking savings, stock market fraud, failed mortgages, reposessed homes. War in Iraq, war in Afghanistan. Lets hope 2009 is more hopeful.

I'm welcoming the New Year with open arms. Why? Lots of reasons.
  • The annual Robbie Burns Supper in January. I'm on the potato peeling team again.
  • Watching Callum learn and grow. He'll have his first birthday in February. Should it be chocolate cake or vanilla?
  • Our 49th Music Mania Variety Show at the end of April. I'm Co-Producer this year.
  • Learning to enjoy living on my own. The Space Cadet is no more. In orbit somewhere.
  • More travel... I haven't decided where yet.
  • 2009 is the year of decluttering the house. More on this ambitious enterprise later in the year.
  • And the best of all..... another grandchild is on the way! YoungerSon and The Bride are expecting a brand new family member in May. Whoopee! Just call me Nana x 2.
May 2009 provide good health, happiness and fulfillment to all of you out there in Blogland!

Monday, 22 December 2008

Christmas Lights

Check out this video of 100,000 Christmas Lights.... this family is definitely in the Christmas spirit. I'd hate to get their January electricity bill.

Friday, 19 December 2008


Southern Ontario is currently being buffeted by 80km/h winds and heavy snowfall... more than 20cm of snow expected today, 13cm has fallen so far.... and more snow has been forecast for Sunday. And maybe even more next Tuesday!
Some joker in the weather office has dubbed it Snowmageddon!

The back yard is looking pretty. Quite Chrismassy in fact.

Looking through my computer room window onto the street, I see the snow whipping past horizontally. Thank goodness I don't have to drive anywhere. I'm staying in the warm and doing indoor things today.
So far I've made stew, baked bread, written Christmas cards, wrapped prezzies, and talked on the phone.
A very productive day.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

'Tis the Season...

I finally decided it was time to officially declare open season on Christmas by dragging the boxes that contain the tree and the decorations up from the basement storage cupboard.

The tree comes in three segments that fit into each other. Yes, I know, a real Christmas tree would be so much more authentic, filling the house with that lovely piney smell, but I got this plastic one half price on Boxing Day a couple of years ago, and, well, it's just so much more convenient. I'm definitely into less work and more convenience these days.

Next.... the lights. Thank goodness I took the time to wrap the wires round pieces of card last year before I put them away. I hate untangling strings of lights. As I said.... convenience.

Now to unpack the decorations. And the Christmas stockings. And look, there's even a box of Christmas crackers that I must have acquired on sale last year and forgotten about until now.

The finished product. Doesn't look too bad. Finally I'm feeling some of the Christmas spirit.
Next stop... I'm off to wrap some prezzies and bake some mince pies.
Update: I forgot to mention.... this is my 300th post! Many thanks to all you faithful bloggers who see fit to waste a couple of minutes of your precious time reading my assorted ramblings.

Friday, 12 December 2008


Leon lives with OlderSon and The Equestrienne.

He's such a schmoozer. Always looking for attention.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Old Age Is.....

I agree with this statement....

... although I'm not quite there yet, it's steadily approaching, and I'm not very keen on the alternative.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Santa Claus Parade - 2

A few more pictures from our small town Santa Claus Parade which graced Main Street last Saturday.

I was very impressed with this athletic gentleman riding his penny farthing bicycle.

And here's a completely different type of transportation. I can just imagine this little pony curled up at the end of my bed. So sweet with Christmas decorations on his toes.

The local Junior 'A' Spirit ice hockey team acknowledges their fans...

... closely followed by a Viking warship on its way to do a spot of looting and pillaging no doubt.......

.......... and the crazy Shriners with their musical choo-choo-train.
For more pics of the Santa Claus Parade see previous post.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Santa Claus Parade

The fabled Santa Claus himself came to our town on Saturday, and he brought cold snowy weather and grey skies with him. But that's exactly what you would expect as he came straight from his home at the North Pole.

But the kids along the parade route didn't mind the cold... they were well bundled up and eagerly looking forward to seeing Santa!

The parade started at 2:00 pm at the far end of Main Street. By the time the floats got to my end of town around 3:00 pm, the participants were looking decidedly chilly.

But the bands kept marching regardless of the weather. Here are the Air Cadets......

.... and the Shriners. Usually if there's a band approaching in a parade, they play until they get close to me, then the tune ends, they march in silence past me, and then start to play again once they are safely past!

Not this time! The Uxbridge Pipe Band played a rousing rendition of "Jingle Bells" right in front of me!
I bet their knees were cold.
More of the Parade tomorrow.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Return to the Blogosphere!

Some of you are wondering if I'm lost in a snowdrift. No... snow's not quite that high... YET! Another week or two, perhaps.

I've been back in The Great White North for a couple of weeks now, but haven't been feeling very communicative, due to reasons that I won't go into here. But Christmas is coming, and my family tells me that it's my turn to host Christmas dinner, so the planning has started.

I found this gem at the local Care and Share Thrift Shop... it has a counterweight (not shown) attached to the reindeer's tummy and just a gentle tap on the reindeer's hooves sets the sleigh in motion.
The reindeer nods his head, the toys bob precariously in the sleigh, the bells jingle and Santa's tummy jiggles in a very jolly manner.
I can't pass by without sending Santa rocking on his way with his sack of toys.