Sunday, 5 July 2020

Art Room Overhaul

I had some new windows installed this week, and so that the window chaps had room to work, some furniture had to be moved.
Arrrgh look at the dirt that was revealed! So of course when the workmen had finished, a form of frantic spring cleaning began. 
The worst was my Art Room. And I have so much Art Stuff scattered about, so it was time for a general tidying up.  And this is just a small portion of the Art Stuff. There's more on the floor in the next room.

I rearranged the table and the computer desk, sorted the Art Stuff into bins, all used paper to the recycling box, pens in one container, pencils in another. Paint brushes stowed away where I can find them. Records of sold paintings all filed in a binder. Artist quality acrylic paint in one bin, cheap Walmart grade paint in another. A lino cut bin. A gelli print bin. A watercolour paint and paper bin. And another bin for sketch books.
It looks great! I am so pleased with myself!

Saturday, 4 July 2020

Mason Bee? Mason Wasp?

Last summer I noticed a small hole (about 1/8" or 4mm diameter) in a brick, and an insect going in and out. Then a couple of days later the hole was sealed with mud. I was curious and I poked the mud out with a paper clip, so I don't really know what was inside.

This year, the same thing happened. The tiny hole in the brick is still there. I was sitting on the deck with my morning coffee, and out of the corner of my eye noticed a small insect going inside. Then a few minutes later, emerging, but too fast for me to notice what kind of insect.
The next day, the hole was sealed with a chewed up leaf.
An internet search suggested it's a mason bee or a mason wasp. The female lays her egg in the cavity and provides the baby with a yummy caterpillar or spider for breakfast after hatching.
I'll keep an eye on this brick to see what happens.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Canada Day 2020

July 1 - Canada Day!
But this year will be a very different celebration.
The annual outdoor concert featuring Canadian talent on Parliament Hill in Ottawa isn't going to happen. I think there are all sorts of virtual happenings planned via the internet but I probably won't tune into it.
Our small town celebrates Canada's birthday with an annual 4 day Strawberry Festival.... yes, it's cancelled for 2020.
The only fireworks lighting up the sky will be in people's back yards. No big displays are planned due to the Covid-19 physical distancing rules keeping people apart.
I'll be celebrating at home, but I'll wear my Canada T-shirt and sing O Canada to wish my adopted country a Very Happy 153rd Birthday!

Virtual Canada Day | Wed, Jul 1, 2020, 10:00 am @ Online ...

And I hope Canada Day 2021 is an improvement over 2020.  Stay safe and stay healthy and enjoy the day!