Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

I struggled out of bed bleary eyed this morning at 5:30am, and joined the millions of people round the world sitting in front of TV sets to watch the Event of the Century (well, the century so far anyway!) . My personal invitation to the Royal Wedding must have got lost in the mail, so I made myself comfy on the couch with a hot coffee and a toasted buttered hot cross bun.

The bride was stunning in such a beautiful wedding dress, simple but oh so elegant. And the groom... so handsome in the dress uniform of the Irish Guards. They certainly are a good looking couple.

The best part of the wedding.... the moment when Will put the ring on her finger and it wouldn't go on smoothly. When my parents married back in 1941, my father had the same problem.... the ring wouldn't go on. The minister's whispered advice: "Spit on it! Spit on it!" Desperate times require desperate measures. Luckily, Will didn't have to resort to that.

Another great moment was of course the eagerly anticipated Royal Kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, but what really brought a lump to my throat was the flypast of three WWII fighter planes from the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, a Hurricane, a Spitfire and a Lancaster. It made me proud to be British!

I watched it all on CTV... but why oh why did they invite Tracy Ullman to be part of the commentary? She just didn't project the right spirit at all. Oh well, just my opinion, I'm sure lots of people liked her inane comments. I think she'd had too much bubbly.
(Royal Kiss Picture from CTV News)

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

It's About Time

This "one-of-a-kind" sundial on the wall of the local Richardson Lodge Masonic Hall was unveiled and dedicated in June 2010, and commemorated 150 years as a Masonic Lodge.

It consists of a 6' x 4' granite slab supported by a column facing due south, and shows the time and the season.
I'm wondering about the significance of the quote "As Above, So Below".
Can you tell the time I was there with my camera?

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Spaghetti Harvest

The Spring Spaghetti harvest is in.

The Second Community Spaghetti Dinner happened in town earlier this week.
I wrote about the First Community Spaghetti Dinner here. This time I remembered my camera.

This plateful cost $1.00. Yes, that's right, a whole $1.00!

Spaghetti with meat sauce, calabrese bread and fresh spinach salad. And there was plenty for everyone. Long tables were set up in the Lions Club Hall, and neighbours ate with neighbours, making new friends in the community along the way. Toys were provided for the children to keep them busy while people got to know each other.

YoungerSon, The Bride and Isaac enjoyed the spaghetti too, with some friends joining us around the table. And when the spaghetti was all eaten up, there was a choice of tea or coffee and a selection of cookies and cupcakes for those who still had an extra corner to fill.

Isaac had enough room for a giant chocolate cookie.

Proceeds go to the local Food Bank. But it isn't just the Food Bank that benefits from this kind of event. Bringing the community together and making new friends is a great idea. Hats off to the organisers of this event.... may there be many more!

Friday, 1 April 2011

Punky Punctuation

You all deserve an A+ for spotting the spelling mistake in the previous post.... now it's time for your punctuation exam.

Groan! This is a bad one. And it's right across Main Street from the previous post.