Thursday, 2 August 2007


It was HOT here today, 35C with high humidity making it feel like 40C.
For you people who still count your degrees in Fahrenheit, that's 95F and 104F.

I know lots of places are experiencing even hotter temperatures, so here's a picture from last winter to cool us all off.

Feeling any cooler?


  1. Ah, relief. It was hotter for you than for us here in the south by 1 degree.

  2. i don't wanna jinx our great weather but it's been in the mid-80's for the past several weeks. Around this time last year, it topped at 108 and lingered in the 100's for over a week. Hope you find relief in the hot, humid weather soon!

  3. our temp is about the same as yours 95 and i hate it when it gets this hot. It did cool off some tonight with winds blowing.
    Nope that photo didn't cool me off one bit, thanks for trying tho LOL

  4. Today it was just a few degrees less than 40* here too. Thank you for the refreshing view. We needed it.

  5. I'd like to crawl under that snow-laden branch, and it's only 8:30 am!!

  6. Nicked all the English Sun hey?

    I will chuck a few pennies in the carnival buckets for you!

  7. I will take the heat, rain, hail, winds, power outages any day to winter. DO. NOT. LIKE. IT.

  8. SNOW I do not want to see snow. We have only just got sun!
    Actually It has been really nice here keep your fingers crossed that it stays like this.
    As I have been such a poor blogger recently and you have stayed with me, I have read back all your current posts.
    I hope that your foot mends soon. I saw that two of your books were girl with a pearl earring and memoirs of a geisha. I have read both of these what do you think?
    I loved all the pictures of the flowers and the lillies. As for the Cherry jam, you made my mouth water.
    Get well soon
    xx Fizz xx

  9. Ah! That's better...what a relief!

    Marie x

  10. yes, actually, i AM feeling cooler. Another great photo. thanks!!


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