Thursday, 7 April 2011

Spaghetti Harvest

The Spring Spaghetti harvest is in.

The Second Community Spaghetti Dinner happened in town earlier this week.
I wrote about the First Community Spaghetti Dinner here. This time I remembered my camera.

This plateful cost $1.00. Yes, that's right, a whole $1.00!

Spaghetti with meat sauce, calabrese bread and fresh spinach salad. And there was plenty for everyone. Long tables were set up in the Lions Club Hall, and neighbours ate with neighbours, making new friends in the community along the way. Toys were provided for the children to keep them busy while people got to know each other.

YoungerSon, The Bride and Isaac enjoyed the spaghetti too, with some friends joining us around the table. And when the spaghetti was all eaten up, there was a choice of tea or coffee and a selection of cookies and cupcakes for those who still had an extra corner to fill.

Isaac had enough room for a giant chocolate cookie.

Proceeds go to the local Food Bank. But it isn't just the Food Bank that benefits from this kind of event. Bringing the community together and making new friends is a great idea. Hats off to the organisers of this event.... may there be many more!


  1. Wow! The Spaghetti Dinner sounds great!
    Looks Isaac enjoyed very much!

  2. Great idea. We used to go to these kinds of dinners with my late inlaws. And spaghetti with salad was on the menu here at home, tonight.

  3. Sounds like lots of fun!
    (Mrs Dimbleby?)!!

  4. That's a great way to get the community to get together and meet new people! :)

  5. How they can do this for just
    $1.00, I don't know or understand. How do they make their money?? There have to be other contributions---somehow..No? looks DEE-Licious and Isaac looks delicious and delightful, too!

  6. We are doing a fundraiser for our local Food Bank the first week of May. More expensive than yours but its a huge deal to get funds to keep the food bank operating. A lot of work but I know it will be sucessful. Its called Empty Bowls, where we serve a simple meal so others can simply eat. Doing pasta (donated by local restaurants) salad, bread and cookies too.
    Yours looks like a super time was had by all. Love your little guy eating that giant cookie.

  7. YUM! Everyone loves spaghetti! :)

  8. What a great idea – good food and companionship – that’s a good formula.

  9. It's been so long since I've been to a spaghetti supper. Our church, when I was a kid, used to give them every so often. I always enjoyed them.

  10. You'd be downright stupid not to go! :) What a great win-win situation for everyone concerned.

  11. Such a great event, bringing neighbors together and helping the local community, too.

    btw, you commented a long time ago (sorry, i've been MIA, but I'm promising to be around more this month) about the Hoppin' John Salad with rice and black eyed peas on my blog. It is wonderful warm! In fact, I eat some of it immediately after I make it, when it's warm from the rice and I think it's better than when it's cold from the fridge. Although the flavors are a lot more intense after it's sit a few hours.

    You also left a message about an exhibit at the Legion Of Honor here in SF. I'm a member of the museum but I haven't gotten out to see that exhibit yet! I need to! Fashion and passion! Well, not the fashion part so much since I'm a jeans and t-shirt type of gal, but you're well aware of my passion for paper arts! It exhibit is here till June 5th so I'll definitely go before it leaves. I'll be sure to post about it on my blog...although I'm pretty sure I won't be able to take photos. harumph.


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