Monday, 23 July 2012


Most of North America has been in the grip of extremely hot humid weather for the whole of June and July and my little corner of Canada is no exception.

Today was 34.5C (94F), with the humidity making it feel more like 42C (107F). And possibly the same expected tomorrow.

We need a nice thunderstorm to clear the air.... not too violent with lots of damage, just a gentle storm with some cool rain, please.

Meanwhile there have been some spectaular sunsets.

Can you see the moon?


  1. Very pretty indeed!
    We've been getting some nice rain over the past week here in Pennsylvania. I'll send some up!

  2. That's a gorgeous picture, my dear...And yes, I see that little crescent moom---BEAUTIFUL!

    I hope and pray you get a lovely Rain Storm, very very soon!

  3. Hi, Shammickite.
    That is a wonderful photo!
    Here in Japan, we have hot and humid weather too! With growing concern of safety of atomic energy since last year's big earthquake, operations of almost all nuclear power plants in Japan have stopped.
    People have to save energy and are thinking about how they could survive
    this summer with minimal amount of electricity!
    But,let's enjoy the hot summer!

  4. A fabulous sunset even if it's hot!

  5. gorgeous!! how r u doing??

    hot here. hotter than there, but since you're not used to it, you probably suffer more....


  6. Wow! gorgeous sunset, love those the way, we see that moon too! lol.

  7. What an amazing photo - I don't think I would survive in that heat!

  8. That's nice with that crescent moon in there. The red clouds are remarkably bold and beautiful. We had rain and cooler weather last night. I hope you're getting relief as well.

  9. The moon looks like a nail clipping. Ha.

    It has been so hot here in Nebraska that it is uncomfortable to go out in the afternoon at all.

    Early mornings and late evenings for me.

  10. We have finally had a bit of a break with a great storm earlier -- short but powerful -- and some more rain last night and this morning.

  11. Gorgeous sunset, Shammickite!
    Yes, I see the moon... so beautiful!
    I hope you have a gentle storm with some cool rain to refresh.

  12. I sure hope things have cooled down for you by now, Sham?! We had a bit over a week of temps up to 24C (78F). Too warm for me but a real welcome for the rest of the country who'd still like to see summer. Today it's back down to 14C (58F) at 2 p.m., which I love. I know...I'm weird. :)

    In the meantime...spectacular sunset, indeed!

  13. Lovely shot. I'm greedy. I want it to stay hot and dry until the end of my softball season. There have been fewer rainouts this year than most.

  14. Oh so you're the one who ordered that storm. It ignored you on the damage part. This was just a few houses up the street from me.

  15. Lovely photo though, Shammie. :)

  16. That is a spectacular sunset! I recommend coming to visit me in the summer.

  17. Beautiful and dramatic sky! And the MOON is a GREAT Bonus :)


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