Thursday, 24 July 2014

Guest Bedroom

Can you imagine yourself sleepily opening your eyes and waking up in this wonderful bed?
No, not my guest bedroom, unfortunately. This is the hand made bed in Park Cottage, one of the guest cottages at Chatsworth House in the heart of the Peak District in Derbyshire, England.
Chatsworth is the magnificent home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire.

The closest I have been to Chatsworth House is to watch a TV programme about it, which is where I first saw this fantastic bed. The house is open to the public and hosts many events... concerts, fairs, theatre, art shows. There are a number of beautiful cottages that can be booked for holidays.
I fell in love with this unusual bed created from from willow harvested on the Chatsworth estate. I was thinking..... if I went out to nearby York Region Forest and cut a few branches.... tacked them together....  no, it just wouldn't be the same.


  1. I look at something like that and think "Cool! I wish we could have one." And then I notice how very many irregular surfaces it has and how each and every one of them would need to be dusted. No thanks. Plus it would be uncomfy sitting up to read. ;)

  2. I cannot believe the twins are almost 3!!!! AMAZING!!!
    I must say I like the idea of an Art Piece for a Bed.....but it doesn't look very comfortable.I need a really comfy cozy bed.....I guess I won't visit them. (lol)

  3. My wife's grandmother used to live in Chatsworth House - a small end-terrace house in a small town near Rochester in Kent...

  4. Things look lovely when you see them somewhere else but not always practical when in our own homes.
    All those bits of wood a clutter to dust!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  5. I'd be happy to call that my bedroom. :)

  6. Hi My Dear....To answer your question about the Sculpture in that one picture---It was done by Mel Schuller, a California Artist that is in lots of Museums and many important collections. It is carved from Redwood----I have had it since about 1967-68......It is so very Beautiful. All the curves are so wonderful......I loved it when I first bought it and I still do! You can Google him----he died in 2012.....He was a fantastic artist and a lovely gentle man, too.

    I have written about some of the Artwork in my house----waaaaay back in those first couple of years. You'd have to go to my Archives and poke around---2006 and 2007, I think. I hesitate writing about some of it because there are some things that are quite rare, if you get my drift....And the Internet is so wide open, so to speak....I DO LOVE everything that hangs on my walls or sits on tables, or the floor----I cannot imagine living without Art.....It would make life so barren, you know? I have always bought what I liked and I cannot think of anything I live with that doesn't still feed my soul and my spirit.


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