Monday, 16 May 2016

It's Time....

yes, dear bloggers, it's high time I got back to blogging. Did you miss me? This poor neglected blog is drying up and getting all wrinkled and flaky (a bit like it's owner!) so I better get on with some rejuvenating spring cleaning.... stay tuned. Looking for a suitable topic......   how about this one.....

The artist group I paint with recently held it's Annual Art Show and Sale, and I was thrilled by selling 5 pieces of art.... two acrylic paintings, two ink and watercolour, and one linocut print.

But four of those purchases were made by people I know, so next year I probably won't sell anything as all my friends will already have a piece of my work hanging on their walls!
But it's not all about selling, is it, selling something is a wonderful surprise and an unexpected bonus. It's about having art fun with like-minded people and creating and experimenting and enjoying what you are doing.


  1. Welcome back - and congratulations.
    Yes, to having fun, but the sales don't go astray either.

  2. I'm trying to get back into blogging too. It's nice to see you post again. Congratulations on the sale of your pieces.

  3. Good to have you back. Love your artistry. Congratulations on the sales.

  4. It is indeed great fun to share an interest or hobby with other folks. Congrats on your sales and don't be too sure you won't sell any next year - your friends just may want more of your art on their walls.

    Re you comment about the blue Maserati...probably belonged to a doctor!

  5. Here you are. I was wondering where you were!
    Nice paintings, and as you say a nice bonus when people buy them!
    Glad to see you back...xx

  6. Missed you! You came down with a case of the Willow Grace blogging blues. Congrats on the sales and the art show! Keep doing it!

  7. Yes....... I did notice your absence and missed you!
    You are clever to paint such lovely photos and I love your groups of artwork.
    Congrats on the sale!
    Maggie x

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  9. Hi,Shammic,
    Congratulations on the sale of your works! It had to be so exciting for the sale and the art show. I enlarged all the works on the wall, enjoying them more for a month!
    My spring break of a month will be over soon. Keep enjoying your paintings!

  10. Your work is lovely and your friends know talent when they see it.

  11. Congratulations - you're already well ahead of Van Gogh who didn't sell much at all!

  12. Nice to know your friends hang your piece of art on their walls. You have a nice, creative hobby to make your life pleasant and your paintings are lovely to see.


  13. I am glad to have you back! Sure, I miss you so much!
    Just beautiful paintings!
    Congratulations on the sale of your pieces of art!


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